Calling the city’s threat to fine a Manayunk church for ringing its bell at 7 a.m. “silly,” Councilman Jim Kenney said he would draft legislation to exempt churches and schools from Philadelphia’s noise ordinance.

St. John the Baptist received notice from the Health Department last week warning that some neighbors had complained about its morning bell ringing. The letter said the 179-year-old parish could be fined up to $700 a day if inspectors determine the chimes can be heard at the nearest residential property.

“The whole situation is just silly,” Kenney said. “There should be some discretion when it comes to situations like this. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. It’s heavy-handed, and the city doesn’t need that reputation.” LINK

How long before we are in a full-blown religious war in this country? At this rate it may not be long. The city Health Department is threatening to fine a church for ringing its bell because of some complaints from a SINGLE person. This after the bell has rung for over a hundred years.

Ok I want to hit some bullet points here:

The Health Department apparently employs people who don’t give a second thought about the fact that their actions are quite probably unconstitutional and could lead to a massive lawsuit and cost the tax payers of Philly (those who are left) a bundle.

Said person has no oversight in their duties. Just like our Housing Authority.

It seems like our government has NO fear or compunction about offending Christians whatsoever. NONE! It is routine for the government to threaten and intimidate Christian organizations no matter how unlawful. However offending other religions is patently off-limits and is met with immediate outcry. Of course they will now go back and amend the law but what does it say that this letter even went out in the first place?

Notice how many people in high office came to the defense of the New York Mosque? Anyone who happened to be rightly offended by this desecration was labeled and criticised as an “Islamaphobe” “Un-american” and “Insensitive”. It seems that the pandering to the Muslim community knows NO BOUNDS. They can do as they say or please and no one better dare say a thing.

Now when this idiot wanted to burn Korans in Florida he was IMMEDIATELY besieged with condemnation (rightly so) from the highest levels in government and religion and YES-MAINSTREAM CHRISTIANS. Yet I didn’t hear the defense of “This is America” and “We should tolerate freedom of speech / expression and religion” and all those Ground Zero arguments. Where were they? I guess somehow the burning of a holy book by a thirty five-member band of lunatic fringe is enough to spark WORLD WIDE OUTRAGE and threats of death to millions of otherwise innocent American citizens. Yet the building of a monument to a religion that is behind the worst mass slaughter in the history of our country is just fine and we shouldn’t complain a bit (otherwise we are haters).

I’m offended by these constant threats from Muslim fanatics who burn our flag at the drop of a hat.

I’m telling you it’s getting a little bit old at this point. The irrational double standards, the oppression and political correctness of the left are wearing thin. They are making the oh so Nazi-like regime of George Bush look like the keystone cops. I don’t agree with that nut case in Florida but the silence of the Ground Zero Mosque defenders was DEAFENING!!! Just like it is from the international community when they BURN AMERICAN FLAGS every night on TV!!! Apparently the right to offend people’s religious sensitivities only applies to Muslims. Imagine- Christians are losing the very religious freedom they gave the world!

Maybe Christians need to take a lesson from our Muslim friends. The way to get your way over the objections of others is to turn to overt and outrageous acts of violence. That is exactly the lesson we should take away from all of this. Muslims go berserk at the slightest provocation. They riot and kill so people are afraid to offend their sensibilities even when their behavior is incompatible with civilized society. We stopped burning witches at the stake, but they still stone women in the street. They enslave women in Burquas and we turn a blind eye and proclaim Islam to be a religion of “Peace”. Sure as long as your are a Muslim ans then only if you are a Sunni. Or is that a Shiite? They have everyone terrified to offend them in ANY way. Draw a cartoon we don’t like- we’ll cut your head off. Yet Shitting on the Virgin Mary is not only protected “Free expression” it is “Art” and get’s displayed in museums.

Anyway I figure the way to get people to stop complaining about the bell is for the Christians in Manyunk to riot through the street, burn some shops and cut off the heads of a few infidels. Either that or convert.

*For the record I don’t approve of ANY acts of unprovoked violence toward our fellow-man. My points are made in the spirit of free and open debate. At least while I still can make them.




  1. Bob G. says:

    Kudos…Marvelously stated!

    As to the “noise” from a church bell?

    Why doesn’t the city do something about all those god-awful BOOMCARS instead?

    I’d much rather heard church bells at 0700 than ANY boomcar at ANY time of day…PERIOD.
    Never knew anyone, (except Quasimodo at Notre Dame) that suffered hearing loss from a church bell…have you?
    I rest my case.

    Roll safe out there, and have a great weekend.

  2. Dustoff says:

    Doesn’t Muslim’s do prayer call 5 times per day by loud speaker?

    • Medic bob says:

      Yep ! By their towers . If someone complain about this you are a bigot. I guess the bells were pushing out the demons in the parish and the devil is now complain to the advocate the politican.

  3. FrankC says:

    Why buy a house near a bell-ringing church when you don’t like the sound of church bells?

  4. mrmacs says:

    I’d much rather be woken to a church bell once a day at 0700 than a mosque’s call to prayer five times a day, through amplified loudspeakers.

  5. Medic bob says:

    What about the naked chocalate statue of Jesus in NYC year or two ago.

  6. Barry says:

    All you Christian defending the church bells better think about whatyour argument is going to be when the Muslims want to sttrt shouting from the minerets. You can’t howay. I say everybody conforms to the ordinance.

  7. Barry says:

    That should be “you can’t have it both ways.”

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