Another tragedy narrowly averted, but how much longer before our luck runs out?

STRAWBERRY MANSION – September 8, 2010 (WPVI) — Firefighters saved three children from a house fire in Philadelphia on Wednesday morning. Flames ripped through a home on the 2400 block of North 30th Street in Strawberry Mansion around 2:30 a.m.

Firefighters say they arrived on the scene to find heavy flames shooting through the second floor of the home. Crews rescued two teenage boys and a 5-year-old child. All three are in stable condition at Saint Christopher’s Hospital for Children and being treated for smoke inhalation. Investigators are still looking for a cause of the early morning fire. LINK

This is how one of our local mainstream media outlets described the near tragedy that took place early this morning. I worked last night and when this fire broke out at 0230 my crew and I were on the road to cover the firehouse of one of the companies that responded to the fire. It was very EXTREMELY fortunate that we didn’t have MULTIPLE fatalities in this fire. Engine 45, normally first in at this location, was CLOSED last night due to the fire  department’s budget driven “rolling brownout” – AKA closing policy.

An early morning fire – especially in a home with young children – is a recipe for disaster and tragedy. Lucky for these kids the first in ladder company wasn’t on the city’s hit list of companies that are closed “browned out” on a rotating basis. We already have seen (in West Philly) what happens when firefighters aren’t available when they are needed. Curious thing about the Channel 6 coverage; they left this out:

A 19 year was able to escape out the front door. But firefighters had to rush inside and rescue two fifteen year olds, a fourteen year old, and a three-year old little girl. The four children were rushed to St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children where they were treated for smoke inhalation. They’re expected to make a full recovery.

The fire happened only four blocks away from a firehouse located at 2401 N. 26th street but Engine 45 was browned out. As part of cost cutting measure, the city implemented a brown out system which takes some engine companies out of service. Some neighbors complained it took firefighters too long to arrive but others say they got here fast enough to save four young lives. LINK

Channel 3 at least mentioned the important details. Amazing how Channel 6 omits the most critical aspects of the story, especially given the fact that these policies are tremendously controversial and have led to the death of at least one person. Pretty sad state of journalism. And these so called “journalists” have the nerve to scorn bloggers…



  1. madmike59 says:

    I expect this from the press. The lives saved where enough for them politics is dull! Great Job Fellas. F Mayor NutJOB

  2. USAdmiral says:

    Truly depressing that these stories are bound to get worse before they get any better.

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