Ground Zero Mosque: A grass-roots movement among construction workers and unions asks Cordoba mosque supporters: Who do you expect to build it? The same people who built the World Trade Center perhaps? In real estate, it’s said the price of a property is based on three things — location, location, location. The price in blood and treasure America has paid for the gaping hole where the Twin Towers once stood is incalculable.

The wounds are still fresh and the anger is still real, and it’s something that supporters of the Cordoba mosque, named after a great Islamic victory over the West, simply don’t get. Two blocks from the proposed mosque, construction workers at the WTC site are trying get across their point, and ours.

There are those among us who approve of the construction of a mosque 600 feet from Ground Zero. They wrongly claim that opposing the construction of a house of worship, devoted to the very religion of those who committed the atrocity of 9-11 in the name of that religion and Jihad (Holy War) is somehow intolerant or racist or some other hysterical charge. They completely skip over the fact that there are families of thousands of MURDER VICTIMS and survivors whose emotions and feelings are being callously disregarded by the mosque proponents.

69% of Americans believe that building a mosque there is completely wrong. No, there isn’t a law that says they can’t build there. No, there shouldn’t be one either. America’s custom of religious tolerance is not a one-way street, though. For religions to co-exist (history is replete with example after example of WARS being waged in the name of one religion or another) they need to respect each other.

In America, Christians and Jews get along fine. Catholics and Protestants get married. Hindus and Buddhists break bread together. We are TOLERANT and we don’t need anyone to lecture us about what we should or should not feel in relation to 9-11 – ESPECIALLY A RADICAL MUSLIM CLERIC. We practically INVENTED TOLERANCE. We are the ones keeping SUNNIS AND SHIITES FROM SLITTING EACH OTHER’S THROATS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. Where is the respect and tolerance for our grief? In this instance the building of a mosque in this particular location is viewed, justifiably so, as a serious provocation and an act of remarkable insensitivity.

Let’s remember the facts: MUSLIMS attacked the World Trade Center not once but TWICE. Plus the Pentagon and would have hit the Capitol as well. REMEMBER MUSLIMS CELEBRATED IN THE STREETS WHEN THEY GOT WORD OF THE ATTACKS. They plotted for years before they finally succeeded. Along the way you can’t tell me that not ONE SINGLE “GOOD” Muslim got wind of the plot or at least had enough of an inkling to tip-off authorities to prevent it. If you believe that go no further and saw off your own head.

Understandably Americans are passionately upset over this issue. That may be an understatement. They’re PISSED OFF and now they are showing it. Construction workers among others are now pledging not to build this Mosque in THIS place. The community in New York is mobilizing against something that shouldn’t even be an issue. Incredibly some people are defending this horror even knowing that it will be DEDICATED ON 9-11-11!

Mark Sabay, 48, of Brooklyn, who’s been working on the site for two years, said a co-worker handed him a “No Mosque” sticker three days ago. He immediately affixed it to his hard hat. Sabay said that building the mosque so close to Ground Zero is “a smack in the face to Americans.”

These are not bigots, just patriots who know full well that Muslims and Muslim-Americans also died as jet fuel incinerated the workplace they went to every day. To them it’s not about tolerance and bridge-building. It is about common sense and respecting a national graveyard as sacred to them as Arlington or Gettysburg. LINK

That’s what it boils down to. Respect. If Muslims want to assimilate into America, with OUR traditions of religious tolerance (they have no such traditions) they need to show it. Provoking millions of Americans at the site of one of our greatest tragedies is no way to do it. These construction workers are vowing not to build a victory shrine to those who killed their co-workers, friends and family. Kudos to them. They need our support. I have a feeling that most guys in the building trades aren’t too worried about being politically correct. You can go to BLUE COLLAR CORNER here and read about Andy Sullivan and the Hard Hat Pledge these guys are taking. Word is getting out that this is NOT a project you or your company wants to be associated with. About time.


  1. Trencherbone says:

    The Victory Mosque affair has seriously damaged the image of The Religion of Peace™ in the eyes of ordinary Americans. We can consequently expect a lavish petrodollar-funded campaign of taqiyya (lying about Islam to the infidels) in the MSM, in an attempt to lull the American public back to sleep.

    So, as a high priority to immunize the American people against the coming onslaught of Islamic propaganda, could bloggers please familiarize their readership with the techniques of lying, deception, feigned moderation, guilt-inducement, diversionary tactics, twisted logic and half-truths embodied in the Islamic practice of taqiyya.

    There’s a description of the main features of taqiyya HERE

  2. Howie says:

    I really think the people wanting to build the Mosque are idiots. That place will last less than year before some fanatic fire bombs its. And, if god forbide, a terroriest attack occurs against the US – that place will be the first thing someone attacks back.

  3. Mike47 says:

    I predict the mosque will never be built. Count on the people of NYC to take care of business… they know how. The construction workers and off-duty firefighters and cops will form a united front against this atrocity, and no one will cross the picket line.

  4. Randal Graves says:

    Looks like Murfreesboro, TN (887 miles) is too close to Ground Zero too.,8599,2011847,00.html

  5. That is a seperate case and should be looked at that way. In this instance it would be good for ALL parties to work to gether so the town can build a mosque that fits in with the community.

    ANY TIME a sudden influx of outsiders decends on a town or neighborhood assimilation is the key. If the outsiders are viewed as trying to take over there will always be problems. Our leaders sometimes miis this and insted of gradual influx they allow for an en mass demographic shift. That may be the case here.
    This part sums it up:

    It seems like the community is very accepting of us as individuals; when I take my kids to school, I don’t run into any prejudice because I cover my hair, but the concept of Islam overall makes people nervous because of 9/11.”

    The population of Murfreesboro is only about 100,000 and at first glance it wouldn’t seem logical that a small city in the middle of the Bible belt could need a large mosque. But Murfreesboro is a scant 30 miles south of Nashville which at the end of the first war in Iraq was designated a gateway city for refugees, setting the stage for a rapidly growing Muslim population, and anti-Muslim sentiment.

    This is a case of normal social pressure that should be addressed in a reasonable way by all parties involved. Unfortunately it may be collateral damage from the NY issue.

  6. Two other points worthy of note from the article:

    But if some people in Murfreesboro want the county to reject construction of the new mosque, they also wanted — and won — rejection of a proposed Bible theme park in the city. “It isn’t about Islam or religion, it’s about where they want to build,”

    Fisher says that’s not good enough. “Each of my concerns is based on legitimate issues. This has nothing to do with anti-Islam; it’s not racism. I’m African-American, I know what it’s like to be discriminated against. I wouldn’t do that to someone.” Still, Fisher concedes he didn’t object to the construction of the new Grace Baptist Church at the same corner. “That’s a much smaller building [than the 52,000 feet complex the Center might one day build] and they don’t plan a cemetery.”

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