City officials are wondering where the head of the Philadelphia Housing Authority has gone. Carl Greene seems to be MIA and his strange absence comes on the heels of reports that his plush condo is in foreclosure. City officials say they haven’t heard from Greene since those foreclosure allegations were made public last week. Greene owns a $600,000 condo inside the gated community of Naval Square in Southwest Philadephia. Wells Fargo Bank is reportedly preparing to foreclose on the home.

The Philadelphia Board of Directors and former Mayor John F. Street says Greene owes them an explanation. “The other really bad thing about all of this is the speculation,” Street said. “I’m standing here and you’re compelled to do your duty and I’m compelled to answer questions and none of which should be happening.” Street says Greene did call his office to leave note that he’d be out of the office for a few days but says the PHA boss has never been unreachable by phone or email during his 10-year tenure.

Can anyone explain why we even have a “Housing Department?” Why is the government involved in an essentially private industry? This is just one area where our government wastes zillions of taxpayer dollars. It is also a reason why many conservatives like myself refuse to support higher taxes. Higher taxes in the hands of the liberal left only means more wasteful spending. They never ask for higher taxes to support essential services.

So here we have the head of the Philadelphia Housing Authority who makes nearly a six figure salary, who can’t even run his OWN finances. His house is in foreclosure and there is also talk that there are sexual harassment issues floating around. Go figure. The Housing Authority is one of the biggest black holes in all of city government. PHA is the poster agency for government incompetence, waste, fraud, abuse and corruption. Yet it just keeps going, sucking tax money, providing insufficient service and essentially failing at a job the private sector does better and cheaper.

I sat on this story for a day or two because I wanted to see how much air time it would get in the local news. As I suspected not much after the initial reports except in print. Let me go out on a limb here with a few predictions: Green either resigns or is fired in the not too distant future. His department is investigated where “financial irregularities” are discovered. Indictments may also be part of the story and in the end all the other Democrats in this cesspool of corruption that passes for an American city pledge to “Drain the Swamp.”

Oy veh

Here’s a link to a story about PHA TWO YEARS AGO:

It’s a major CBS 3 I-Team investigation that has been a year in the making. Investigative reporter Jim Osman looks into the travel expenses of a public agency that provides affordable housing for Philadelphia residents with limited incomes.luxurious places you might never get to see and you paid for it. LINK



  1. Irony at it’s finest. 🙂

  2. Bob G,. says:

    I would have checked to see of some POS pickup came by his “crib” at 3AM and moved his ass out “befoe de lanlawd cum”…

    But paybacks can be a real BITCH now, can’t they?

    Irony, indeed!

  3. j davies says:

    Ain’t affirmative action wonderful!! As a former mayor said “the brothers and sisters are running the city” and it shows–crime everywhere, unpunished racist attacks on whites, a thoroughly corrupt and incompetent city government, flash mobs attacking innocent people, trash and garbage everywhere, high murder rate, high taxes on the productive to feed and house the indolent,a school system run by more affirmative action incompetents, overpaid city executives, city workers who do not even show up for work but get paid anyway, need I go on??

  4. Ingineer66 says:

    Maybe he is in South America hooking up with a hottie.

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