If you want to live in peace with someone you don’t go around provoking them into a confrontation. If someone is upset with you, usually you try to determine if there is a valid reason for it. In this case Muslims KNOW why we are upset with their decision to exercise a “legitimate” right to build a Mosque at this site. But some are too afraid to call them out on it. It goes to the heart of all the liberal preaching we have to endure year in and year out about “sensitivity” and fear of being viewed as “offensive” by other more enlightened folk.

Muslims SHOULD know that their actions in this matter are insensitive at the least and wildly offensive and downright provocative at worst. If they care about peaceful dialogue and coexistence in America, they will reassess this decision and move this project to an area less likely to cause pain for thousands. A question I have for the liberal apologists is this: If THIS is not deemed offensive to those who suffered terrible loss on 9-11, then what exactly would be?

But I suspect they don’t care much about making peace as it is not the Muslim way. This is a victory Mosque plain and simple. A thumb in the eye of America, the “Great Satan”. The issue is not about our dedication to our principles of tolerance and religious freedom as the hand wringing left would have you believe. It is  about our understanding of radical MUSLIMS and THEIR principles and beliefs and the naiveté of those who would appease them until it is too late. Muslims have historically built Mosques over conquered territory or at the sites of military victories. This latest Mosque is just Muslims being Muslims.


15 Responses to FAR ENOUGH? NOT FOR ME

  1. USAdmiral says:

    Me either. It is a provocation. There is no attempt help the image of islam with this type of statement. It is an in your face signal that they won on 911 every time there is a call to prayer.

  2. Old NFO says:

    I’ve got to agree… Much like their ‘apology’ while they get extra time to strike yet again..

  3. Ingineer66 says:

    We saw how Muslim Fundamentalists treat other religions last week when the Christian medical team was slaughtered in Afghanistan.

  4. Randal Graves says:

    Hey Captain, when you were in Washington D.C. a few weeks ago, did you protest at the Pentagon? I figured you definitely did to protest the daily Muslim prayer that goes on in the same building that was hit on 9/11.

  5. C/A says:

    Didn’t make it to the Pentagon. I did however protest on the steps of the Capital. I’m not sure I get the question. Is there a Synagogue and Chapel in there as well? If so why don’t YOU go and protest that? Liberals are usually the ones screaming about an unwritten law of seperation of church and state.
    I suspect there probably is due to the Pentagons mission and sheer amount of service people that work there.
    I wouldn’t necessarily see that as a problem in any event. Just because the service allocates some space for it’s members to practice their religion doesn’t mean the government is endorsing it or turning into a theocracy.

    • Randal Graves says:

      I figured you would be batshit-pissed to hear that dirty, American hating Muslims are praying in the Pentagon.

      • Dustoff says:

        Becoming a tad shrill today?

      • There’s the difference between us: YOU assume all Muslims are “dirty American hating”. Your words. I assume Muslims working in the Pentagon are loyal Americans. I can make a distinction between the two and act accordingly. The Muslims who endorse a Mosque at Ground Zero are telling me they want to be my enemy because they disrespect the memory of what happened there, a memory that is still raw for millions of us. If they insist on this course of action, given the explicit explanations for our objections, the obvious, then I understand what they are telling me. Their version of Islam is incompatible with our American system of beliefs and understanding. It would be like Christians declaring a return to the Crusades while saying we just want to be friends. Actions always speak louder than words.

    • Randal Graves says:

      “I can make a distinction between the two and act accordingly.” – no, you can’t.

      “Mosque at Ground Zero” – incorrect again.

  6. Mike47 says:

    As a religion, Islam moves inexorably toward taking over civilization. It sucks people in with promises of virgins in the afterlife, punishes apostacy with threats of death, recruits suicide bombers to strike fear in the hearts of infidels, lies to people of other religions with the blessing of the teachings of the Koran, treats women like farm animals, all the while claiming to be the “religion of peace”. We Americans, having acutely developed the doctrine of freedom of religion into the doctrine of respect for all religions, regardless of creed, are nearly powerless to come to grips with Islam and all it means to our way of life as a growing threat. To confront radical Islam, we risk insulting all muslims by association. The confrontation takes skill and courage, which most of our leadership lacks. Islamists know these facts, and use them whenever it is convenient, and patiently work toward the objective of overcoming western civilization. Our legacy media, still mired in political correctness and addicted to sensationalistic reporting, has abandoned traditional journalistic principles and WILL NOT educate our population on the threat that Islam presents to America and western civilization.

  7. Andrew says:

    This has absolutely nothing to do with freedom of religion. It’s simply disrespectful and extremely insensitive to think building a Mosque 2 blocks from Ground Zero is acceptable.

    I hear this a lot – “just because one Pro-Life Christian bombs an abortion clinic doesn’t mean all Christians are terrorists.” Exactly. That’s not the point though. I don’t think all Muslims are terrorists simply because a handful decide to be violent.

    Do you think all German citizens in the 1930’s/40’s were Nazis? Of course not. Are modern day German citizens Nazis? No. So then, if this is the case, I assume you wouldn’t oppose the construction of a modern German military installation 100 yards from Dachau??? Germany would NEVER allow that to happen, and you can bet the world would raise a shit storm if they did.

    I find it ironic – the same people who throw a hissy fit whenever Germany makes even the slightest insensitive remark pertaining to their scared past, are the same people who think it’s perfectly fine to build a Mosque 2 blocks away from the worst slaughter this country has ever seen…

    I never attended any FDNY funerals or witnessed first-hand the pain and suffering of that day, but like everyone else, I watched this tragedy unfold on live tv. I’ve listened to the FDNY radio traffic – firefighters screaming for assistance, reports of people trapped, even a civilian trapped inside a ladder truck after the first tower collapsed screaming for help and explaining to the dispatcher that he couldn’t breathe…

    My point is that it’s simply insensitive and highly disrespectful.

    The freedom of religion argument is such bs – if you think Americans don’t tolerate freedom of religion, go visit any other nation in the world and tell me we don’t tolerate more than anyone else…

  8. Where have we heard this before- just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you SHOULD do something?
    The Muslims have no problem objecting, then blowing up Israelis if the try to build things where they say they shouldn’t. Sorry but I’m sick and tired of the “Arab Street” and their delicate sensibilities.

  9. Mike47 says:

    I think the American culture still values truth and honesty, for the most part. Those who adhere to the Islamist cult apparently do not.


    Given this fact, how do we know what the real purpose is of building a mosque in the middle of a religiously diverse community? How, then, do we deal with the whole subject of mosque-building in this country, when each and every mosque is a potential breeder for terrorist activity?

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