1969 Chevelle


 The 1969 Chevelle was the first muscle car I ever owned. It is easy to distinguish from other Chevelle’s by its pointed back passenger window. These cars were the pinnacle of American hot rod design. The were big, fast and had plenty of options that made for a more civilized ride. A/C and power windows were available on some models. Add a 396 or 427 cu in. motor in this car and you were talking serious muscle. The 1970 with its monstrous 454 cu in. engine would eventually become an all time favorite for HP reasons but I always thought the 1969 had the edge in styling. In a pond of smaller minnows the big Chevelle with its monstrous HP potential was definitely a shark. LINK



  1. drjim says:

    Had a buddy who had an L-88 with an M22 in one. Pretty “basic” car, just an SS with a 4-speed and Posi rear end. I think he started with 4:11 gears, but with the close-ratio 4-speed it was a bit doggy off the line. Incredible top-end, though! He put 4:56 gears in it and it was a terror around town. Finally turned it into a 100% race car, and ran whatever class the local strip would allow him in.

  2. Pretty “basic”- yeah a basic monster!

    • drjim says:

      When he bought it it was a 396/325 with a THREE speed! As I remember, the only options on the window sticker were the SS package, PosiTraction, tinted glass, and an AM radio.
      The L-88 and M-22 came from his vast collection of “Stuff”!

  3. Old NFO says:

    Love the LS6 variant… 🙂 Of course I can’t afford one now… sigh…

  4. Raptor says:

    I’m partial to the ’69 Pontiac GTO myself… but it someone offered me the keys to a ’69 Chevelle, I’d be all over it.

  5. My buddies and I took a road trip to Boston in a 69 Chevelle! We blew the battery up just over the Ben Franklin Bridge, then drove up the NJ Tpk in SECOND GEAR until the Garden State Pkwy (the shifter was screwed up!). Despite all that, mt friend had it until the early ’90s when he got t-boned by a drunk at 13th & Tasker.

  6. Ingineer66 says:

    Just says “Fast” all over it.

  7. Bob G. says:

    That bugger’ll pass damn near ANYTHING on the road…except a gas station (especially w/ the 454…LOL)

    Sweet machine!

  8. David says:

    I have owned seven Chevelle SS cars in my long lifetime and i still own a 69 SS and it is a blast to drive! I rebuilt the engine about a month ago but even though it is a bada** ,i am going to go with Trickflow aluminum heads,so that is on the que’ for thanksgiving weekend.Wish i could post a pic here but don’t know how.I trade my 94 Dodge Viper for it,so it tells you i love Chevelle’s!

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