WASHINGTON – There should be no such thing as too poor to buy pot if you live in D.C., at least if the marijuana is for a medical condition.

That’s part of the conclusion of a new law enacted in the nation’s capital earlier this year. The medical marijuana law allows people to legally obtain the drug for medical reasons. But the law also includes a provision different from the 14 other states with medical marijuana laws, requiring the drug to be provided at a discount to poor residents. Who will get the reduced-price marijuana and how much it will cost, however, is still being worked out. LINK

As if we don’t know that most of DC is high enough already, especially our lawmakers, now we are going to subsidize pot for the poor? Let me get this straight: It’s ok if cities like DC and states like California make up and enforce their own DRUG LAWS even if they contradict FEDERAL LAW, but it’s not ok for Arizona to ENFORCE existing federal immigration law even to protect its own citizens.

Federal law still categorizes Marijuana as a schedule one drug. Many cities and states have decided to either not enforce the drug laws or to decriminalize weed all together. This same line of thinking is completely contrary to the illegal immigration narrative.

You have to love liberals. Nothing is too absurd for them.


4 Responses to POT FOR THE POOR IN DC!

  1. Dustoff says:

    I need a drink..

    The loony tunes have taken over.

  2. Rick says:

    With DC it is Do as we say,not as we do.

  3. Ingineer66 says:

    Are you F-ing kidding me. Subsidized pot for poor people. Hey red wine is good for you too, I want the government to give me a discount on a case of Pinot Noir.

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