PACK 449 AKA "The Wild Bunch"

I was away this weekend with the Scouts so the blog has been neglected. Nick’s Scout pack had their annual summer camping trip and as luck would have it, it was about a million degrees here. After all was said and done the boys had a lot of fun. Nick’s shooting on the range was the highlight of his trip and was good enough to earn him his qualification, the only boy to do so. He was pretty stoked about that as it’s one of the things he likes to do and actually practices. They also worked on their swimming badges as they learned water safety and first aid. At night they did skits around the camp fire. It’s amazing to see the boys who are growing up in a 24-7 video game age go without them for a few days. They are learning responsibility and teamwork in the Scouts and in my opinion that’s a good thing. Anyway I’m whooped. Back to the firehouse in the AM.



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