THE CITY might have been better off keeping its old $100 wire trash baskets – and throwing away the contract to buy 710 new solar-powered trash compactors.

That’s according to the City Controller’s Office, which released a report yesterday claiming the BigBelly compactors aren’t as good a deal as city and company officials promised, and that contracting rules were broken.

The purchase of 500 compactors and 210 recycling units for more than $2.1 million from BigBelly Solar – or about $3,700 each – were meant to reduce collection costs by 70 percent.

A report from BigBelly cited by the city before the purchase said that the compactors would reduce the number of weekly collections from 17 to five.

But City Controller Alan Butkovitz said that his office monitored BigBelly compactor collections in March and April, and found that compactor collections averaged 10 a week. LINK

Sometimes when you’re right, you’re right. In this instance I have to shout out loud a great big fat “I TOLD YOU SO”!!!

The City of Philadelphia, in typical misguided liberal fashion, has bought into the global warming, cap-and-tax, environmentalist wacko, green-everything movement lock, stock and barrel. So it was no surprise when they decided to waste hundreds of thousands of scarce tax payer dollars buying solar-powered trash cans. Just what we needed. It costs a million dollars a year to keep a fire company on the street 365, 24-7 by comparison.

I proclaimed in this posting that they were not working as advertised and certainly not worth the obscene amount of money being wasted on them. Turns out I was right, as proven by the city controller who has enormous doubts about this boondoggle of pork and waste. There is no reason in the world for us to have solar powered trash cans. If the city wanted to save real money they could put solar panels on every firehouse, police station, library and any other public building that could accommodate them. That would be a good investment because government buildings typically are meant to stay in use for decades. I know most of our fire houses are at least 50 years old with some closer to one hundred.

It’s pretty ironic that the Democrat, lunatic environmentalist wackos who run our government and want everyone else to be forced into their carbon-tax schemes haven’t bothered to practice what they preach. Ask yourself why hasn’t the government made the investments that they demand of us? Maybe because it costs too much???? Duh.

13 Responses to BIG BELLY – BIG CITY WASTE

  1. Dustoff says:


    Didn’t you bring this up before? I guess the lib city fools just don’t get it.

  2. Mrs. Crankipants says:

    This made the cover of today’s Daily News, and I immediately thought of your post from March. What a waste!

  3. Dusty- yes click the link. Mrs. Cranki- complete and utter waste of taxpayers money.

  4. Lenny says:

    This report is politically driven and transparent. Even if it’s true that Philadelphia’s sanitation pick ups dropped from 17 to 10, that would mean that a substantial amount of unnecessary trips were eliminated. The Big Belly in the photo was obviously either staged or left in that condition by the sanitation department. I moved to Philly from Boston and these things really do work when properly attended to. How do you not want to evolve from the dark ages especially when it comes to something as simple as garbage removal. I guess the comptroller hates EZ Pass too. People smarten up!!!

    • Well Lenny we are a city with perpetual and critical financial problems due to the kind of fiscal mismanagement the aquisition of these insipid cans demonstrates. They overpaid for them and they don’t perform nearly as advertised nor do they reduce the costs associated by any significant margin. In other words it’s another example of wasteful spending on feel good projects by our entrenched democrat bureauacracy. The very reason we are so broke to begin with.

      This picture was not staged, I took it myself after noticing that it was typical of several cans in the neighborhood. This has nothing to do with evolving. It has to do with wasting our tax dollars on an overly elaborate scheme to solve a problem that didn’t exist. Garbage removal isn’t very difficult. Two guys, a truck and a simple route. $100.00 cans. Duh.

    • Spock says:

      Lenny, I can vouch for the Cap on this one, these things regularly look like this. I too have several pics of them in this condition.

      An additional thing I’ve noticed is the laziness in this city. A few times, I’ve seen people standing right next to these things, who will throw trash on the ground, rather than walk around to the trap door. The old cans, they’d be able to just toss it in.

  5. Dustoff says:

    Thanks Capt.

  6. Bob G. says:

    Like any Police officer or firefighter (grunts in the trenches) from Philly (and I’ve know my share in years past)…
    YOU GUYS truly GET IT!
    And when you’re right, by Christ you are SO right!

    Stay safe out there.

  7. Ingineer66 says:

    Lenny, what item in our society does not work well when properly attended to? In a perfect world we wouldn’t need abortions or jails. But we do not live in a perfect world. We live in a real world, where there are plenty of idiots, criminals and lazy bastards.

  8. KC says:

    My guess is that is exactly what the trash cans have always looked like in Philly – Big Belly or not. Any guess as to the mpg of those trucks that pick up the trash – try 3-4 mpg! If you can lower your trips from 17-10 that’s a huge difference – and a huge cost savings over time. Teach your garbage collectors how to work with a compactor and to service them and you won’t have these problems (or hold the Big Belly peoples’s feet to the fire to make sure they stand behind their machines…). Either way, my guess is that after you have them in service for more than the short time you have – the city will begin to see the lower number of trips that the company said it would – even if you don’t the savings you’re getting now in fuel costs over a handful of years will EASILY repay the few mil paid for these things. Why is progress always something so hard for some people to embrace – boggles the mind.

    It works people, 7 less trips proves it…and as all cities with financial problems (Philly has nothing over on the rest of the country there…) – this type of forward thinking savings is smart policy.

    • “But City Controller Alan Butkovitz said that his office monitored BigBelly compactor collections in March and April, and found that compactor collections averaged 10 a week”.
      This wasn’t what was promised, plus there are issues with servicing, maintenance etc. that get left out conveniently whenever these stupid things are brought up. The city is cutting emergency services yet wasting money on solar trash cans because of the lunatic left’s green illusions. Some people you just can’t reach.

      Simple wire mesh cans for 100 bucks a piece worked just fine for years.

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