Grant pays for more than 800 new computers in low-income Philly neighborhoods.

A federal stimulus grant will pay for more than 800 new computers in low-income Philadelphia neighborhoods. City officials say the $6.4 million grant announced Saturday will create 48 new computing centers and four mobile computing centers. The new computers will serve about 14,000 more people per week. Officials say they’ll also increase hours at some existing centers, creating about 90 new full- and part-time jobs. The grant was part of a $795 million funding package for broadband projects under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. LINK

There’s really nothing I can add to this story that most of us don’t already know. The Obama Presidency will go down in history as one of the biggest fiasco’s in American history. The Democrat party and their irresponsible, insane policies once and for all have been discredited. This is irresponsibility and arrogance on a grand scale. Where can I sign up for a free computer?


  1. Bob G. says:

    Wonder how LONG it will be before those puters get STOLEN…
    This administration has pundits who actually BELIEVE that in order to SECURE WEALTH, one HAS to SECURE DEBT…amazing.
    NO ONE can SPEND their way out of DEBT.

    Good post.

    Stay safe out there.
    (and hydrated)

  2. Old NFO says:

    Good post, it’s the whole liberal agenda at work- give stuff away=buy votes in Nov…

  3. Ingineer66 says:

    Open computing centers with $6.4 million while fire stations, libraries, schools and swimming pools are closing. Maybe when their house burns down the people will be able to apply for government assistance at the computer center to get a new house. It makes no sense.

  4. Dustoff says:

    Not to worry Capt. O-bummer wants to spend even more.

    Good grief. )-:

  5. John D says:

    “Where can I sign up for a free computer?”

    Sorry, Cap, but if you can sign your name, you don’t qualify.

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