2010 CHAMPS!!!


Here they are folks the 2010 N.E. Philly, Girls Softball, Peanut League Champs! Peach and her teammates pulled it off tonight by beating cross – town rivals Torresdale 12-8. It’s been a nail-biting week around our house. The playoffs began with sudden death elimination. Our girls won their game and advanced. They had to wait to find out who they would play in the final. If Torresdale had lost we would have had home field advantage. It was not to be.


After digging themselves into what appeared to be an insurmountable 7-1 deficit through the mid-point of the game our girls began to settle down.They exploded for back to back 5 run innings. We were up going into the last inning. Despite a game filled with questionable calls (against us) and some mistakes of our own our girls held on. As Torresdale got the last at-bat they made a run at our relief pitcher. Bases loaded with one out. They got a run or two back. Finally the batter booted a little dribbler back to the pitcher who made the play over to first and that was it. A nail-biting season came to a glorious conclusion.

This is the SECOND softball championship for Peach this year. Her school team won the championship as well. She has really found her game. She is a real competitor and has a blast. After missing last season due to illness she has come roaring back this year. Her hitting and fielding have improved dramatically. What’s most important is she is having fun and winning always helps.


After the game emotion was running high and more than a few people were choked up. The coaches who volunteer their time couldn’t have been more proud. The girls who now have a childhood moment that they will carry with them always were laughing, crying and smiling all at the same time.


Interesting side note: Peach was shaking with happiness and at one point remarked that maybe this is how people who take drugs feel. I stopped in my tracks and looked at her and told her that she feels BETTER than any drug could ever make her feel because she WORKED her butt off all year long to achieve what she and her teammates did. She was simply feeling the raw emotion of being a champ and the happiness that goes with being part of something important. Hard work, team work, determination, perseverance. That’s what it all comes down to. I am unbelievably proud of her for what she has achieved this year. Hopefully she will continue playing, learning and growing.

Great job Lizzy. You worked hard, you played hard. You deserve it. Love Dad


7 Responses to 2010 CHAMPS!!!

  1. Peach says:

    Well, a season of ups and downs came to an end with my awesome steal home (you forgot to mention that)!!! You also, conveniently enough, forgot that you painted your face so you could go there “representin.” GREAT SEASON.


  2. AM says:

    You go, Peach!

    Great pics, dad.

  3. Ritt says:

    Finally some good news!

  4. Robbie says:

    Wow, you got me all choked up ! Congrats to your Peach ! How freaking cute is she 🙂 And your right, it’s way better than any drug – it’s stays with you your entire life ! CONGRATS GIRLS !!!!

  5. Bob G. says:

    Have to hand it to ‘ya…THAT is the smile of a WINNER!
    Congrats, Bustleton!

    And have a great 4th of July…you all deserve it!

  6. C/A says:

    It really was something special. The girls are awesome to be around as they literally grow up before your eyes. They are fierce competitors who hate to lose. The sportsmanship they learned, their grace in victory, the determination when you lose to work even harder makes it all worth while. Great stuff.

  7. Rick says:


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