Cherry Hill Township laid off six police officers today, after negotiations with the police union broke down. “The township is in a financial crisis,” said Dan Keashen, spokesman for the mayor’s office. “We didn’t get the concessions we needed, which are not unlike what other townships have offered.”About half of the towns and cities in New Jersey are expected to lay off police officers this year, according to the New Jersey Policemen’s Benevolent Association. The layoffs, and reductions in other government services, have followed cuts in state aid to municipalities. The announcement of the layoffs in Cherry Hill comes during prolonged negotiations in which the city has proposed to freeze the pay of its 133 police officers. LINK

Well the Obama administrations stimulus plan is again proven to be nothing more than a rip off. It’s a sham and a lie and that’s now settled science. Despite what Obama, “Slow” Joe Biden and the rest of the insaniacs in Congress keep saying, Police Officers around the country are being laid off, furloughed and fired in record numbers. My father lives in this area of New Jersey so you can say the impact of this administrations incompetence does impact me. The safety of my family is always an issue for me.

We have to keep in mind that the 700 billion-plus the Democrats looted from the US treasury hasn’t done anything close to what they claimed it would. While cops and firemen are being laid of the government is HIRING census workers at a record pace. The best part of this? They are celebrating! The government is out of control.

BREAKING — OBAMA, BIDEN DECLARE “RECOVERY SUMMER”: Vice President Biden today will kick off “Recovery Summer,” a six-week-long push designed to highlight the jobs accompanying a surge in stimulus-funded projects to improve highways, parks, drinking water and other public works. Biden will present President Obama with a report laying out a spike in stimulus activity this summer, and how it will contribute to a steady climb to a total of 3.5 million Recovery Act jobs by the end of the year. Biden, Obama and other administration officials will travel to more than two dozen Recovery Act project sites in coming weeks. Tomorrow, the president will travel to Columbus, Ohio, to mark the groundbreaking of the 10,000th Recovery Act road project, around Nationwide Children’s Hospital. On Monday, Biden will travel to Midland, Mich., for the groundbreaking of the new Dow Kokam advanced battery manufacturing facility. LINK 


12 Responses to YES WE CAN… LAY OFF COPS!

  1. Wagonsx says:

    If the cops in the photo used only half of the crime scene tape, it probably could have saved a cop’s job.

    Seriously, we are hearing rumors about Police layoffs again. The latest number I heard is 300. Furloughs were added to our last contract. (The City shall have the unrestricted right to furlough officers up to 30 days a year, without regard to seniority). Of course Nutter “promised” the FOP he would never furlough cops. Then why have it inserted in our contract? I believe the FOP sold their soul for residency. I hope for your sake Capt., Local 22 doesn’t sell out too. Residency is not worth a furlough.

  2. I don’t agree Wagon and here’s why- right now they can basically furlough us, it’s just called a layoff. Same difference. With us they have already shown they can and will close companies. We lost seven companies and that was right after we agreed to a one year contract. Talk about working together. Now they are talking about taking two more companies. 9 companies off the line leaves the rest to answer 300,000 calls a year. They don’t care about fire deaths.

    Getting the residency requirement is a permanent victory. You can trade it for no furloughs this contract, but they will just come after them in the next contract. Then what? They will eventually get furloughs and you will still be a prisoner. They plead poverty despite billions in stimulus.

    If they don’t get furloughs they are saying they will “Brown Out” companies. Basically close engines or ladders for a shift without staffing them. Again they do that right now. They send five companies a day to fire school and don’t replace them. So where’s the win?

    The win is (Under the present situation) to do what everyone else is doing. Pack up, move to a place of your choosing and register to vote. At least in a small town or borough you stand a better chance of having your vote actually count. Use the city as a source of income and nothing more. There is no loyalty to those who protect it so we have to be big boys about this. They just don’t care.

    IF they furlough us, they will be on the hook for the unemployment. So put a couple of overtimes in a can and if it happens spend the time with your family as you wait for the unemployment check.

    Ask yourself one question- how would you like to be the last cop living in Detroit?

    Stay Safe

    • Wagonsx says:

      A furlough is not a layoff. According to the contract, I can be furloughed up to 30 days a year. But those 30 days do not have in a row. So, the city can tell me I’m off the payroll for the next 30 Fridays. This will make me ineligible for unemployment compensation, but I will still lose the equivalent of a month’s pay. I don’t live check to check, but it would take me a very long time to recover from a hit like that.

      The residency is indeed a good thing. But unless I move beyond the Phila. suburbs, I can’t afford the property taxes. Taxes in the surrounding suburbs, for a home similar to mine, would be more than twice what I’m paying now. I would also still be on the hook for the City Wage Tax, and my auto insurance will continue to be high because I’ll have to drive in the city everyday for work. My family’s quality of life may improve some, but the grass isn’t always greener. There is not going to be a mass exodus of cops like many think. We simply can’t afford it.

      • C/A says:

        Technically you are correct, a furlough is not a layoff but the effects are close. The devil is in the details of implementation. Since you guys work a different schedule than we do you may be affected a bit differently. Since we have minimum staffing requirements any furloughs for us would just create overtime. That is unless they close down companies which as we have seen they can do right now anyway. Rolling brownouts are the threat they are using. Well again 5 companies a day are already closed for training at Fire School without backfilling them, so again the effects are the same. More companies off the street. They just don’t care though.
        Our taxes are getting ready to go up another 10%. That puts me clearly in range of many suburbs. If you live or shop near Delaware there is 0% sales tax as opposed to 8% in the city. At the end of the year you will most likely break even or come close to it if you work at it. In any event I would be willing to make a little less and not be subject to these incompetents any longer. Better schools, lower crime, stable neighborhoods. Far NE Philly can only hold out so long. In a generation it will be just like the lower NE. We can agree to disagree on this one.
        Stay Safe

  3. Ingineer66 says:

    For what they added to the National Debt they could have suspended the income tax for a year. Could you imagine if everyone had more money in their pay check. We all would have bought cars or TVs or boats or trips to Vegas or something. That would have jump started the economy and got us out of this mess.

  4. Dustoff says:

    You hit it right on the head Capt. When they close a station, we must drive farther and faster to reach the call on time.
    That en-dangers all!

  5. Wyatt Earp says:

    I would have rather the FOP accepted anything other than removing the residency requirement. Most of the cops and detectives I work with will stay in town because they’ll be killed in taxes outside the city, and the ones that do leave will help expedite the further ruin off Philadelphia. Trash will move into the sold homes, and good neighborhoods will fall. It’ll be a disaster,

    • C/A says:

      It will end up that way in any event Wyatt. 10 years ago Oxford Circle was a stable neighborhood remember. Now… not at all. The taxes are horrible now and only getting worse. Every time they pass a budget they go up. Why? So we can support the rest of the trash in this city? You bet. The services are dismal in return. Why should I stay here again?

      It’s up to our elected leaders to make this city livable. Unfortunately we see where cops and firemen rank on the priority list. There is NO loyalty to us. They sh*t on us at every turn. Me- I’d rather live somewhere I’m appreciated.

      • Wyatt Earp says:

        Good luck with that. Find somewhere where a town appreciates you and I’ll probably move there myself. Hey Randal, how much does your township appreciate you?

  6. By appreciate I mean: give you the services you pay for. Plow your streets, have enough cops and firefighters or here’s a novelty- not wait 45 minutes for an ambulance because the rest of the Zombies abuse the system to the point where it crashes. Like I said- how would you like to be the last taxpayer (cop) in Detroit?
    Detroit and Chicago are the last two major cities with residency requirements. Nuff said.

    • Dustoff says:

      Detroit and Chicago are the last two major cities with residency requirements. Nuff said.
      YIKES. We don’t have that here. Heck in my small town I have a few Seattle FF living near me. The reason.. Taxes and living area.

  7. Wyatt Earp says:

    And you’ll get that in the suburbs, but you’ll pay a lot more for it. Higher home prices, higher property taxes, etc. If that’s not an issue for ya, then I say go for it. Me? I’ll stay here with most of my co-workers, my tiny mortgage, and my nice house.

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