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PERHAPS it was their identical red outfits or how their applause was directed by a “conductor” that suggested the North Koreans in the Ellis Park stadium in South Africa were no ordinary fans. But today, the truth behind the “supporters” emerged when it was revealed that one group of North Koreans – none of whom knew each other in advance – had been hand-picked by Kim Jong-il’s government, while another party were actually Chinese, “volunteered” to back their Communist cousins.

Fifa officials and millions of television viewers were surprised when rows of red-clad “North Koreans” took their seats, believing the harsh regime had allowed its citizens freedom to travel.

But one fan, Kim Yong Chon, 43, who said he was North Korean, told reporters his group of 300 had been carefully chosen by the North Korean government. Although they sang their national anthem loudly, the group tended only to cheer when directed by a man who stood before them like an orchestra’s conductor. Meanwhile, another party of fans confirmed rumours they were Chinese, having obtained tickets through a Chinese sports PR agency, authorised to sell part of the North Korean allocation of 1,400 seats.

Dubbed the “fans volunteer army”, they included dancers, musicians and other artists and said they were happy to don the North Korean national colours. One Brazilian fan said: “I spoke with them. They had come from Beijing and knew nothing about football or the World Cup. They said they were supporting their Communist cousins and were happy to be there.” LINK

Ok how nuts-o is this story? I especially love ridiculing countries like North Korea because I just know somewhere in the Bizzar-o world of the “dear leader” (WDH is THAT all about?) that is North Korea, there is a smart ass fireman like me who would do it himself, IF he was allowed to have a blog. Unfortunately in North Korea, like most everything else not personally sanctioned by the “dear leader” blogs are strictly a no-no. That leaves it up to me.

These people aren’t alive. They EXIST. In Communist / Socialist dictatorships like N. Korea, Cuba,  China, California… people don’t live. They merely exist. To those in charge, individuals matter not. It the Borg-like Collective that matters. It’s the illusions of prosperity, peace and freedom that matter, not the real things. These people are cheering for another country that’s playing a sport they know little about, that the home team’s fans may never get to see while pretending to be from another country. How’s that for being assimilated into the collective? They even cheer and clap when told to do so by some government functionary from the ministry of cheering. Talk about a loss of humanity.

Holy sh*t it’s Obama utopia!

If FIFA had any ballz at all they would disqualify the North Koreans unless the team met the media head on. Why enable slavery in the name of sports?


  1. xiaomoogle says:

    Umm. I’d have a go at visiting China before referring to it as Communist. It’s capitalist to the core. Money rules. There’s no state benefits, no health plan (so your Obama dig goes out the window), not everyone is entitled to free education. They do capitalism better than ANY western country.

    It’s citizens are not living in some oppressed grey zone. Internet censorship and political oppression is terrible, but the Chinese don’t care, because it doesn’t affect their daily life and to them life is better than before. Sure it’s a sad way of looking at things and I don’t agree, but the average Chinese has it pretty free and easy. They don’t see politics as something the common man should get involved with and that comes from centuries of having one person/party in control.

    True, Chinese people love football. From what I can see here, they are supporting pretty much every team. They lurve football, yet their national team sucks big donkey balls and makes them ashamed (the chinese league is buried under corruption and game fixing), so they are happy to support other countries that have made it to the world cup and are especially in awe of iccle countries like England or poor countries like Korea or Nigeria being able to qualify so easily.

    I don’t support the regime in N.Korea, but I’d like to see them do well in this tournament, especially after they actually held out pretty well over the World Cup Darrrrhlings Brazil.

    • You’re kidding right? LINK

      Although the mass media present China today as “progressive,” especially after the 2008 Olympics fanfare, it remains among the world’s cruelest regimes.

      The term “Red China” is not anachronistic. Though certainly less oppressive than during the Cultural Revolution, when it executed millions, China is still governed by a single regime, the Communist Party, which requires members to be atheists. It imprisons dissidents without due process, oppresses Tibet, and enforces a policy, backed by compulsory abortion, restricting most families to one child. (Since Chinese traditionally prefer male offspring, this has led to disproportionate abortion — even infanticide — of female babies, creating an artificial majority of males in China.) The government directly controls most media, blocking criticisms of itself on the Internet.

      Perhaps worst is suppression of religious freedom. Christian churches, though permitted, must submit to government control and censorship — either as part of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement or Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association. Independent house churches, comprising some 90 percent of China’s Christians, face persecution. The Voice of the Martyrs reports:

      The human rights record in China is one of the worst in the world. Its system of “re-education through labor” detains hundreds of thousands each year in work camps without even a court hearing…. The house church movement (unregistered churches) endures unimaginable persecution, yet stands on its commitment to preach the gospel, no matter the cost. China continued its crackdown against Christians and missionaries in 2008, as they sought to purge the country of religion before hosting the Olympic games…. Church property and Bibles were confiscated. Christians were harassed, questioned, arrested and imprisoned. Christians in prisons are routinely beaten and abused.

      • Randal Graves says:

        blah, blah, blah blah, blah. Maybe if you spoke to a few Chinese citizens before blowing your Communist rhetoric around, you’d have a different opinion.

      • C/A says:

        You do know I spent 5 years working in Chinatown. I’d say I made more than a few friendships there… as well as getting a very clear picture of how many ethnic Chinese feel.
        But as usual YOUR informed perspective is greatly appreciated.

      • Randal Graves says:

        I work very closely with a lot of Chinese who still live in China. While “some” of what you say is obviously true, most are quite happy with the standard of living.

      • I’m quite sure there were a lot of slaves who were very happy on the plantation too. Blissfully ignorant, content but still slaves.
        I’m sure most to all of what I posted is true. China has a BILLION PEOPLE and the vast majority are impoverished rural dwellers at the mercy of Communist authorities. There is no disputing that.

      • Randal Graves says:

        Again, you’d be surprised if you knew the real facts. The fact of the matter is that many of the “good paying” jobs in the industrial/technical regions of China are going unfilled because the Chinese would rather stay in their rural farming areas than move to the ‘city’ and make more money. Labor costs increased 20% in the past 2 months alone in the Guangdong province because of a labor SHORTAGE in a country with a billion people.

        But what do I know; I’m just a stupid Democrat who spends most of his day working with people who live and work in China.

  2. Wyatt Earp says:

    I heard they won’t televise any games unless North Korea is the winner. Nice.

  3. C/A says:

    Yet there are still some liberals who think you can “talk” things over with regimes like this. Seriously

  4. John D says:

    “…like most everything else not personally sanctioned by the “dear leader” blogs are strictly a no-no.”

    As well as computers, electricity, running water… For more on the insane-o leader of North Korea, check out this entry at Dickipedia (a wiki of dicks):

  5. Sally Anne says:

    California… *snicker*

    Nice one.

  6. Dustoff says:

    Jezzzzzz Capt. Now I need bleach for my eyes.

    There went my breakfast too. LOL

  7. Ingineer66 says:

    I caught the Cali snipe too. But what I thought of when I was reading the original story was the Obama Administration handing out lab coats to the NIH researchers for the “Doctors love Obama’s Health Care Reform” press conference. And then I got to the part where you said it is Obama utopia, I guess great minds do think alike.

  8. C/A says:

    Yeah, China- the picture of freedom.

  9. xiaomoogle says:

    Look, I live and work in China, speak and read Chinese. The people certainly do not feel oppressed.

    What do you do? Live in the US, have never visited China and can’t read or speak the language, so you post a link to a US news site, which is written from a subjective POV. “I worked in China town” – yeah me too, in London and I never ever saw it as being remotely Chinese in any way.

    In my opinion, the CCP are very very similar to the republicans in the US. The CCP are neo-cons basically – promote no sex before marriage, anti-gay rights, pro- death penalty, anti-liberal politics. Most Chinese people actually prefer Bush to Obama. They see him as a good leader for not listening to his people and invading Iraq. Now that’s sickening.

    Your rant about attitudes to Christianity. It’s not their original religion. It’s also associated with the influx of foreigners after the Opium war. Christianity has caused plenty of wars world wide too.

    I do think that the CCP destroyed China. Sun yat sen’s ideas on democracy were misunderstood. China before 1949 was creative and flourishing. However, the CCP is not communist. They never were. You can’t found communism on a weak economy like China, Russia, N. Korea have done, because it the result isn’t communism. The CCP are dickwads, but they have achieved great things for the country, aren’t about to give up power and they don’t see any other way of ruling 1.3 billion people who aren’t accustomed to political engagement. You can’t just install democracy – look at early Taiwan, or current Singapore or India and IRAQ.

    But still at the end of the day, Chinese people are not oppressed. They have 5000 yrs of being ruled by a single leader and no political involvement, so to them, they are not oppressed. This is how many S.E Asian countries feel.

    One visit to China, not HK populated China town, would show you that Chinese people have it a lot better than they used to. Rural poverty is an issue which is being addressed via microfinance (and maybe many would be earning more if western sweat shops weren’t set up in China?). America has poverty too, an incredibly high rate for a western country. Bush totally messed up your country good and proper, it practically became a Plutocracy.

    China is becoming increasingly popular in a world context. Chinese people get annoyed by foreign people criticising them, when they actually know very little and have never even lived in the country. No matter what your view is of China, everyday people do not feel oppressed, definitely not to N.Korean or Cuban levels.

    • C/A says:

      Oh yes I forgot it’s all Bush’s fault.
      Nice of the Chinese to treat their people like mushrooms…feed them sh*t and keep them in the dark. China is a frightful place. I may not have ever set foot in China that is correct. I have set foot in East Germany when it was Communist. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the situation and freedom it isn’t. I guess we should just do as the Chinese say when there are uncomfortable things being discussed…change the subject or ignore it all together. Lets just forget about the brutal oppression of the students in Tiananmen Square. Nothing to see here folks, move along.

      Don’t you just love it when liberals rally around dictators and murderous regimes? That sure is the joy of liberalism. I guess as long as they don’t FEEL oppressed it’s all ok then. Wow.

  10. This is great! I can’t wait to see more.

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