Oh, you know it’s the year of the women in politics — just two days past big-state primaries with successful female candidates — when the chatter is all about their hair. While waiting for a TV interview, Carly Fiorina, the newly minted Republican nominee for the Senate in California, got caught on an open microphone on Wednesday. Much of the conversation with someone off-screen was chat-lite, but two segments have been whipped around like a long pony tail on a windy day, taken on one level as a catty aside and on another, as a mistake by a novice candidate. LINK

Another hysterical moment from the left. Carly Fiorina got caught making offhanded comments about Barbara Boxers bad hair on an open mike. So what. People in politics get sniped at all the time. Need I remind anyone about the horrific things said about just about everyone associated with the Bush administration? Anyway the feninazis on the left are in complete meltdown mode over it. They wasted no time savaging Fiorina in comments posted on liberal blogs and web pages. As if anyone takes liberal women like Barbara Boxer seriously to start with. Please.

Is the fact that these liberal women complain so bitterly about innocuous comments directed at one of their own, while launching vicious, savage counterattacks at another woman in ways that make a sailor blush lost on everyone? I guess the left thinks we forget the way the bloated Joy Behar trashes not only Sarah Palin but her family as well? The left really does protest too much.

In any event, what people should really remember about Barbara Boxer is her utter arrogance and contempt for our military as exhibited in this clip. For the record that General sitting there rendering Barbara Boxer proper respect EARNED his position. Barbara Boxer won a popularity contest.



  1. madmike59 says:

    Call me STUD I worked so hard for the title. She is exactly what is wrong with the current system. Term limits and NOW

  2. Ingineer66 says:

    I wish people would remember her bouncing over 400 checks at the House bank before she made Senator.

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