I wanted to post this last week but my monumental computer problems got in the way. I want to welcome a buddy to the Wild West of Blogging. Mike is a retired Philly Fireman turned 9 to 5 er. He’s living and working in the People’s Republic of Jersey and has even decided to throw his “ENORMOUS” *snark* hat into the political arena. He’s running for town council or some other powerful post befitting his most exalted grand magnitude. If you get a chance drop by and cheer him on. Knowing Mike you’ll get what you pay for! (Straight talk). LINK


One Response to LINK IT UP!

  1. Hey nice blog, and I “like” it. I am a security officer, paralegal and female barber. Lets connect with postaday. I had computer problems in the beginning and joined I think day 14. That we have in common. I just started late that is all.

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