Congratulations to Peach. This year the girl has taken to softball like nobody’s business. Playing on two teams and getting top grades keeps me in awe. I don’t know how she does it but there is no stopping her.

This week her school team won their league championship. They are the Phila. Girls Softball, Public League, Middle School champs! How about them apples? Making the team as a sixth grader was tough enough. At the outset I told her this was her dues-paying year and not to anticipate too much playing time.

Teaching a kid they must ride the bench in order to get more experience and thereby gaining playing time the following year is enough to make most kids these days quit on the spot. To her credit she didn’t. She stuck it out and now she is part of a championship team. Whats more is she actually played a lot. She has dad’s talent for hitting. Ahem.

So these days she rules the school with her softball cronies. Next year she will be an old salt competing with a new crop of hot-shot sixth graders just looking to taker her out. But she’ll have a championship jacket. Some fun eh? Great job Liz. Lots of hugs and kisses.



4 Responses to DADDY’S GIRL

  1. URSIS says:

    Great job Lizzy!!!! Lots of love! See you soon:)

  2. Old NFO says:

    Nice! I know all of y’all are proud of her, and you better be buying a shotgun there CA 🙂

  3. george morris says:

    Good for Peach!! You go Girl!!

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