Helen Thomas might do better to just ask questions.

The grande dame of the Washington press corps put her foot in her mouth with an answer at the White House last week, suggesting Jews should “get the hell out of Palestine” and “go back home to Poland, Germany, America and everywhere else.”

The jaw-dropping words from the 89-year-old Hearst Newspapers columnist hit the Internet on YouTube Friday and sparked a firestorm of controversy.  LINK

Jaw dropping doesn’t begin to cover it. Her remarks were beyond apology. She expressed her true feelings and they were vile. Funny thing about racist, anti-Semitic bigots, they come in all shapes and sizes. Even little old lady size. How could anyone imagine such a little old lady could be capable of such vile hate speech? After all that’s what her comments reflect. Her hatred of Israel and Jewish people in general. Helen Thomas is a nasty old woman. Period.
I find it utterly grotesque when liberals who engage in hatred and spew hate speech even bother to apologise. What for? Do you think we are that naive? No one believes your lame apology for a split second Helen.
What I am waiting for now is for Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to chain themselves to the White House fence chanting “No justice, no peace”. Or even better, 5,000 illegal Mexican high school kids from L.A. to riot in downtown Washington demanding Helen Thomas resign for being “racially and culturally’ insensitive. After all name another American could survive such an outburst?
I say we give old Helen the Trent Lott test. If she passes, she can stay. It’s disgusting and a national disgrace if the White House allows Helen Thomas to ever step foot inside America’s house again. Such a person is to be condemned and shunned. Look at poor Don Imus. But I guess it’s still Ok to attack Jews these days eh? At a minimum she should be fired.
President Bush was right in relegating her to the back bench. President Obama should relegate her to a park bench. If she had any decency she would save him the trouble.


  1. Ritt says:

    I guess she forgot that Israel is a country created by the UN as a “Jewish Homeland”. I guess she forgot why the Jews of Poland, Russia and Germany wanted so to get there at all costs (and why they won’t leave, even if she says they should) No, she didn’t forget any of that. And no, this was not an unfortunate slip of the tongue. She if a perfect representative of the American main stream press – (sorry I can’t say what I really think, it would damage my point)

  2. Ingineer66 says:

    I knew she was an old lady when Reagan was President but 89. Long past time to retire. What is it with these ego maniacs. Yes you were the first woman to become and officer of the Washington Press Club. Now go home and spend some time with your great-great-grandkids. You can tell them what life was like before electricity.

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