PHILADELPHIA – Whether it’s on the state or city level, or in your own household, balancing a budget comes down to two choices: Raise more money or cut costs.

The city of Philadelphia’s choice continues to raise eyebrows.

For the most part, the city went the route of raising taxes. And the biggest cuts make you wonder about the city’s priorities, Fox 29’s Bruce Gordon reported.

The apparent defeat of the soda tax leaves the city – at least in Mayor Michael Nutter’s view – $20 million dollars short of the pad it needs to make it through the fiscal year.

So the mayor has announced a series of spending cuts, saying he’ll cancel the next two scheduled police academy classes. That’s well over 200 officers who won’t be joining the force and won’t be hitting the streets.

And the mayor vows to close two fire department companies. That’s another 40 positions, gone.

Here’s the thing: Police and fire, those with power over life and death, account for just over one-third of the total city workforce, but they account for roughly three-quarters of the jobs to be cut.

Police and fire union leaders wonder why the numbers don’t match.

“I think that there’s panic management here,” said Fraternal Order of Police President John McNesby. “I think what we’re doing is trying to put a scare out there. They need to work out the budget. The budget passed yesterday. Like it or not, it’s done.”

“We’re playing Russian roulette here. It’s a house of cards, and it’s gonna fall. Worst case scenario, one of us is going to die,” firefighters union President said. LINK

Remember the enormous 800 billion dollar stimulus package that was supposed to save police and fire fighter jobs? I do. Well it looks like that was a farce. Who knew President Obama was lying to us? I’m devastated. In Philly the police and fire department have been under almost constant siege since Mayor Nutter (Nutter the Cutter) took over. Public safety has suffered remarkably. Police Officers have endured an unprecedented string of line of duty deaths and firefighter injuries are steadily rising. Now he wants to cut more.

A 10% property tax increase wasn’t enough for this free spending democrat. A sales tax increase wasn’t enough. He has demanded a job and industry killing soda tax as well. His budget once again takes focuses on tax increases and public safety cuts. I’m too pissed off to write about it any further. Discuss.



  1. Andrew says:

    Parts of this city should have the right to succeed.

  2. Kim says:

    I wonder what he will do if his house catches fire?

  3. Old NFO says:

    I can only say one thing… MOVE!!!

  4. Mario Mirarchi says:

    I wonder how many high dollar special assistants and consultants are running around city hall doing nothing except wasting taxpayers’ money.

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