If you live in Philadelphia, higher property taxes and a fee for trash pickup may be two things you’ll pay for next year.

Philadelphia City Council approved Mayor Michael Nutter‘s $3.9 billion budget for 2011 with a vote Thursday evening.

To fill in a $150 million budget gap, officials made several tax increases, the most notable being a 9.9-percent jump in property taxes, officials told NBC Philadelphia. That increase will only last for two years.

The 9.9 percent temporary tax hike has to get final approval from council next week. LINK

SO as we watch our economy melt down before our eyes, the Democrats across the board believe the solution is to RAISE our taxes. Be it at the federal, state or local level, tax and spend is their battle cry. Not cut taxes, cut spending. The left is rapidly pushing the middle class to the brink of extinction.

There is one clip from a representative of Holt’s cigar company who testified bluntly: If you raise taxes on cigars I will probably move my business down the road out of Philadelphia. There it is point-blank, democrats passing job-killing legislation in order to further their social agenda including massive government spending. This is the redistribution of wealth that Obama promised us, folks. Hope you’re happy.

Now as a city employee I care deeply about my community. But there comes a time when you can only take so much. This city has been run so poorly for so long that there is nothing left to say. Our contract is in its final stages of negotiation and should be out in a few short weeks. Already a year overdue, we fully expect no raise for the first year and we will be lucky to get 2 or 3% a year over the life of the deal. Yet I am legally bound to live in the city. With property taxes alone going up 10% I will sustain a net income LOSS yet again. We aren’t even talking about utilities, and other goods and services affected by inflation.

Now people like to say you should be happy about getting a raise at all or even having a job. BULLSHIT! For starters the only reason we are in this financial disaster (PERPETUALLY) is because of the elected leadership of this city, state and nation. This is yet again an example of government living beyond their means – coupled with the welfare state mentality that is now pervasive throughout our country. If we lived within our means none of this would have happened.

As a firefighter I work in one of the most austere branches of government. Our pay is pretty basic by any standard. We don’t get elaborate perks, bonuses or fat raises. Our contract is negotiated through binding arbitration after extensive hearings. We even have to bargain for safety equipment the city won’t provide otherwise. A neutral arbitrator sets the award. Since state law has changed the ACT 111 bargaining statute, the arbitrator must even take into account “the city’s ability to pay.” Of course the city ALWAYS pleads poverty. So much for a fair shake.

In Philadelphia, one of the most poorly-run and horribly mismanaged cities in the nation, public safety is taking the budget hit, as usual. This is a city with murders that are measured in the hundreds, fire deaths and injuries from accidents of all sorts are constant, and the EMS system is one mass casualty incident away from total collapse. Yet public safety is where these politicians decide to cut. Sooner or later something is going to give. Our government wastes vast amounts of taxpayer money, and to make up for this recklessness they raise taxes even higher and cut public safety. Are we getting this now?

Why am I pointing all this out? Because I get sick to my stomach when I see the other branches of government becoming so incompetent, bloated, corrupt, wasteful, and inefficient – mostly because of their union influence. The public employees’ unions are corrupt to the core. They have long outlived their usefulness. As a matter of fact, why doesn’t the government outlaw strikes by public employee unions altogether and subject them all to binding arbitration? If it’s good enough for cops and firemen then it’s good enough for everyone.


9 Responses to REASON #576 TO GET OUT OF PHILLY

  1. Wyatt Earp says:

    Dammit, you beat me to it. This is tonight’s rant. We get squat for services on the taxes we already pay. I guess this is our “reward” for being such good citizens.

    Won’t matter in the long run, because the morons in this town – led by the union goons – will always vote Democrat. By 2012, we’ll be Detroit-East.

  2. Andrew says:

    Between this story and what I read in the paper about a suspended officer being promoted…

    Pretty much what I expected. Just another day in this ass-backwards city.

  3. Wyatt Earp says:

    Andrew – You mean this story? Gotta love how the Valiants are as racist and corrupt as our Guardian Civic League.

  4. Dustoff says:

    Capt. You guys trying to catch up with Calif? )-:

  5. Bob G. says:

    I heard about that TEN PERCENT prop tax increase, and MY first thought (having lived in those marvelous N.E. rowhomes for deacdes) was “W…T…F..???”

    Guess crime DOES STILL pay in Philly these days…
    (and damn well, according to those in City Hall)

    Stay safe.

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