Classic moments from one of  Philly’s all time greats Dr. J. He was the Michael Jordan of my youth. A class act through and through and one of Philly’s shining moments.

Lots of people dump on Philly and rightfully so. Philly is the worst, best city in the world. Let me explain: It starts with our management. Run for over half a century by corrupt liberals, Philly is a cesspool of waste, fraud, abuse, incompetence, mismanagement, crime, corruption, immorality, patronage and outright stupidity.

Yet despite all that Philly is still a city with more potential than the next five. The list of things Philly has going for it are pretty impressive. Most cities would be grateful to have one or two of our assets. Take a look at a short Philly’s list of positives. We have the following:

1) Two major river fronts. Most cities would kill for one.

2) Four professional sports teams (five if you count the Union Soccer). Home to the recent World Champion Phillies. The Flyers are in the playoffs right now.

3) Location- prime east coast between New York and D.C. Close to the Pocono Mountains and Jersey shore.

4) Multiple Major Colleges and Universities including a major medical research center. Institutions like Children’s Hospital, St. Christopher’s Hospital, Hospital of University of Pennsylvania, Fox Chase Cancer Center, Drexel, Temple, U of P, Pennsylvania Hospital, Hahnemann Hospital, Jefferson Hospital… is that enough?

5) We are a major transportation hub. 30th st. Station serves AMTRAK east coast operations. Philly International is set for yet another expansion. I-95 passes right through town linking the east coast corridor. We also have an ocean-going port.

6) We are a major tourist destination. Remember our country was born here.

7) We are a major cultural center with the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Kimmel Center as well as many arts institutions located right down town. (The boy actually had his 4th grade field trip there today!)

8) We have more social events than you can shake a stick at. The Dad Vail Regatta and Core States Bike races are two premier events that take place here annually.

9) Fairmount Park & Pennypack Park make up the biggest urban park system in the country.

10) The Philadelphia Zoo is available year round for everyone to enjoy.

I mean really folks. What else do we need? Oh yeah- A REPUBLICAN ADMINISTRATION TO EXPLOIT ALL OF THESE GIFTS! Instead of being a third world, social welfare basket case we should be a leading world-class powerhouse! Until the welfare state mentality of the left is defeated jewels like Philly will continue to rot. The policies of the left have conspired to cause Philly, a city with more than enough resources needed to thrive, to constantly teeter on the brink of fiscal chaos and insolvency.

Hopefully one day we will live up to our potential. But I’m not so sure.



  1. Mrs. Crankipants says:

    Terrific post Captain!

    I’d also like to add The Rosenbach Museum, Fairmount Park, The Philadelphia Zoo, The Fireman’s Hall Museum, The Mutter Museum, and The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Philadelphia has some of the most amazing architecture in this country, not to mention great restaurants. We are in desperate need of a decent leader to pull us out of hole we’re sinking into.

  2. Mrs. Crankipants says:

    The Dr. J link wasn’t working earlier. I just watched it, and it’s incredible how he just flung himself into the air and traveled what looks like 15 feet toward the basket and just dunked the ball. I was always amazed at how tall he was in person.

  3. Ingineer66 says:

    Jimmy Kimmel has a center there? That must be a fun place to hang out. Or is it like the Betty Ford center and a place to get treated for comedy addiction. I am here all week, tip your server.

  4. Bob G. says:

    Well said….and that’s from a person who used to live in the great N.E. for 45 years (but spent a lot of time all over the city)!

    Philly is TRULY a study in contrasts!

    Good post!

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