WASHINGTON — Attorney General Eric Holder says he is discussing with Congress possible modifications in the law where police are required to inform suspects of the right to remain silent.

The administration has been criticized for reading Miranda rights to the suspect in the Times Square bombing attempt and to the suspect in the Christmas Day attempt to blow up an airliner over Detroit.

Holder, speaking Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” said both suspects continued to talk to law enforcement after the Miranda warnings.

But he said the administration needs to consider at least modifying the public safety exception for reading a suspect his rights to ensure law enforcement can act with flexibility and within constitutional bounds. LINK

Ok I make no bones about my contempt for Attorney General Eric Holder. His past record as well as his present Justice Department policies on behalf of the Obama administration are all I need to know he’s no friend of the American way of life or the American people in general. His soft on terrorism approach as well as his willingness to make average Americans the target of unwarranted government  scrutiny show he is not a person to be entrusted with the administration of American justice. His comments on the Arizona immigration law show his callous indifference to the rights of the citizens of that state.

Take the above news story. Holder is now in favor of modifying the Miranda requirements because of his misguided attempt to turn a terrorist war into a law enforcement operation. In fact that has been the policy of the Democrats going back to Bill Clinton. Ignore or pacify terrorists who are waging open warfare against our country and hopefully they will go away. Except 911 proved that the while the terrorists may not have Stealth bombers, they can fly. They can also inflict horrific damage and casualties on our country and economy (almost as much as Congress) if we give them the opportunity.

AG Holder thinks we should arrest these terrorists, give them lawyers, trials in civilian courts and put them in a jail near your home or kids school. All at taxpayer expense. Yet at the same time he wants to take their basic rights away. Why? To satisfy his misguided notion that somehow the USA needs to show the rest of the world how morally acceptable we are. Yes we need to prove to Russia, China, Iran, Syria, North Korea or Venezuela that we really are a just nation. As if…

This whole issue makes the point that terrorists don’t belong in civilian courts, with the extensive legal requirements that entails in the first place! Military tribunals are the proper venues for this breed of terrorists. This latest maneuver is tacit admission that his policy is fatally flawed on a fundamental level right out of the gate!

Now the stunning part of this insanity is that average Americans will be affected by any change in the long-standing rules of arrest. The Miranda warnings, have been established as guidelines, rules if you will that both police and citizens understand and recognize as an important part of our criminal legal procedure. Miranda warnings protect both police and citizens and serve as a fundamental ground rule for establishing criminal prosecution.

Eric Holder wants this change so he can deal with WAR CRIMINALS without getting flak the next time he botches a terrorism case. Yet any change made to the Miranda warnings makes it easier to prosecute John Q. Citizen. While the good cops in this country have my total respect and support, there are always bad apples in any profession. Citizens need to be protected from any government that has the power to deprive them of their freedom and potentially their lives.

We have to remember the absolutely disgraceful treatment President Bush received for his administrations use of the USA Patriot Act. Just remember the Justice Departments desire to wiretap overseas phone lines in order to track and prevent TERRORISTS from killing Americans. He was crucified for months need I remind you? It was front page news yet AG Holder gets a pass from the MSM.

That’s the new norm in the age of Obama. President Obama can do the exact same thing as Bush did and it’s Ok with the left and te MSM. It’s seriously disturbing. Maybe one of these days when the Obama Justice Department goes after journalists like he has gone after every other aspect of American society the doe eyed MSM will finally wake up. Only then it will be way to late. As usual…



  1. Crusty says:

    Yo Cap! Proof that gobal warming is a hoax. Hell is freezing over and some people are scared. The Holder family must have been visiting Times Square. What next calling terrorists “POS terrorists”? Can we expect to see water boarding return after all we only do it to our troops in training?

  2. Bob G. says:

    Well said….don’t change a single word!

    Stay safe.

  3. Everyone thinks Miranda has to be read the microsecond an arrest occurs with an adult. That is incorrect. Miranda is still, at its base, a three-pronged test.

    There must be, for Miranda to hold:

    1. Custodial
    2. Interrogation
    3. By a peace officer

    Custodial: the person must have been physically arrested. Speaking to a suspect, for example, over the telephone does not hold, as anyone can hang up the receiver at any point.

    Interrogation: the suspect must be the focus of the investigation. No interrogation, no mandate to “Mirandize.” Merely being in the presence, as a peace officer, of a recent arrestee does not mandate advisement. Pointed questioning must ensue with the suspect as the primary focus.

    Peace Officer: security guards are not mandated to make Miranda advisements. Private citizens are not mandated to make Miranda advisements.

    It also helps if the person so arrested is an actual United States citizen and subject to Miranda and Constitutional protections.


  4. Ingineer66 says:

    It is just crazy how the left crucified the right for detaining enemy combatants, but Obama has not really changed anything that was being done, other than talk about it a lot during the campaign. Now the left wants to reduce our freedoms even more in the name of keeping us safe when most of the time they refuse to do the right thing to keep us safe in the first place. Hell no I don’t want the police to have any more power than they already have, just enforce the laws already on the books.

  5. USAdmiral says:

    Right on the mark Cap.

  6. Susannah says:

    Holder – HA! What a joke. These people are so far to the Left that their arrogance precludes the decency of discretion. They don’t even CARE that they say/do outrageous things. They figure, ‘damn the people/the Constitution, we’re entitled – we won.’

    Funny, Dennis Miller was on O’Reilly last night & kept referring to “Stedman this…” “Stedman that…” It took a minute, but he was talking about Holder. Hilarious, Miller!

    btw, found you through USAdmiral’s site

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