The really sad part about the state of Philadelphia Main Stream Media, specifically the news papers is that there are times when they do a very commendable job. This is especially true of the Inquirer and it’s usually when they are reporting history or documentary. Yet even when doing what they do best they still can’t keep their liberal bias from influencing their reporting. Their current series about the MOVE disaster is pretty good. Almost excellent. But it has notable exceptions. 

Take the interviews with Police Officer Berghaier and Ramona Africa. The reporting gives as much credibility to Ramona Africa as it does to Officer Berghaier. This woman is a psychopath who was part of a group that conspired against the government and actually did kill a Philadelphia Police Officer, James Ramp during their first confrontation with  police. She is also partly responsible for those children being in the house during those shootouts and everything that happened after the fact.

You simply MUST click this link and listen to the documentary of the MOVE incidents. It is easily the best retelling of this tragic and horrifying story you are likely to find. MOVE permanently altered the psyche of Philadelphia. Like New York and 911, there is a pre-MOVE Philadelphia and a post-MOVE Philadelphia. Although most have now forgotten the pre-MOVE Philly, our city government still bears the scars. Watching these video’s gives you an eye into a fascinating and fairly unknown part of Philadelphia history.

There is some especially good footage of the fire departments efforts to knock down the bunker using Squrts, the kind of truck I have been assigned to over the years. Also the bunker with its firing ports, the helicopter dropping the bomb and the intensity of the fire as it starts to take off. It is simply riveting.



4 Responses to MORE ON MOVE

  1. Ingineer66 says:

    I remember watching on the news when this happened. Interesting to look back at the story now.

  2. Wagonsx says:

    I was glued to my TV set that day. It’s hard to believe it’s been 25 years. Thanks for posting this.

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