Take a good look at this picture. See anything … suspicious? How about the motorcycle cop hiding out behind the tree? Yeah I almost slid this light but caught myself for some strange reason. Something told me to look over there and sure enough I saw him. I managed to get the cell phone shot before the light turned green. Big props to Philly’s finest. Lurking…


9 Responses to PIC OF THE DAY

  1. Wyatt Earp says:

    Lousy cops. Always trying to screw ya!

  2. Ingineer66 says:

    You got that Wyatt, F*ck the Police or people could try not breaking the law. No that will never work.

  3. Wagonsx says:

    If he was a real cop, he’d be hiding in the tree.

  4. Sally Anne says:

    Niiiice. The only thing I like more than seeing a lurking cop is seeing one giving a ticket.

    • Yeah this guy was slick. On that part of the Boulevard you never look at that side of the road because the traffic and street light are on the left. He could bag his whole months quota there no problem. Have a nice Mothers Day!

  5. Bob G. says:

    At least ‘ya still HAVE cycle-cops.
    (and a damn fine drill team…used to go to JFK stadium to watch ’em perform)

    Here in Ft. Wayne, they did AWAY with them last year (all TEN of them), saying they cost too much.
    (compared to WHAT, for example?)
    But they did 3 SEGUES for events downtown…!

    Now THAT was a real “WTF?” moment for me…

    • Well they did away with our Mounted Patrol. Real smart move considering we have the biggest? urban park system in the country. Yeah intelligence like that is hard to come by.
      BTW he was there again today. Spotted him on the way home from work.

  6. Crusty says:

    Still think it is a case of bad kidneys

  7. Ingineer66 says:

    He will probably be there for a few days until it is not like shooting fish in a barrel. Then he will go to another cherry picking spot.

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