In case anyone who stops by was wondering, yes, First In has hit the 300,000 mark this week. I knew it was coming up but there was a glitch with the sitemeter that made me a bit wary of announcing the obvious. I wanted to make sure the stats were correct so I enlisted Wyatt’s help. (Actually I needed an official ruling. He is after all the grandmaster of blog rules and all things blog related.) He looked into it for me and tonight I got the official word that the stats are correct. So once again I am super thankful to those who read, comment on, pimp, or otherwise link up First In. I can never begin to thank you all enough. 

There are times when I am so tired from work or life in general that I’m not sure if what I just posted makes any sense. Yet there is something I have to get off my chest or there is some issue stressing me out and First In is my outlet. I guess it’s this or the bar and since I have that Irish gene that’s kind of out. Also, I can rarely read my own posts more than once. If spell check doesn’t pick up the mistakes I’m not going to, so please bear with me. Like Wyatt says: I blog like I talk. When I’m in a high energy cycle (usually at night), I tend to post more – especially when I’m off. Other than that I’m kind of irregular in my postings. Life has its priorities… like sleep. 

That’s why I am still shocked by this milestone. I’m just a regular guy who is hacking his way through life. Raising a family, working the firehouse, not spending enough time on my hobbies and not much more. I want this world to be as good for all of our kids as it’s been for me. So as long as blogging is my therapy I guess I’ll stay with it.

One other thing: I really try to hit up as many other blogs as I can and comment as well. Please don’t take offense if you don’t hear from me that often, there just isn’t enough time in the day and there are so many good ones. Now with school thrown in it seems like I’m always on a computer. To all those in my blogroll, thanks for the support. Most have been there from the beginning. Some new ones are popping up.

Please try to check them out.

Thanks again, CaptainAmerica


19 Responses to FIRST IN HITS 300 K!

  1. Rick says:

    Keep up the good work

  2. USAdmiral says:

    It looks like you are doing something right. Keep up the great work!

  3. Mrs. Crankipants says:

    300,000 WOW!!!

  4. Wyatt Earp says:

    Someone check Hell to see if it froze over. Heh.

  5. John D says:

    Congrats, Cap. 300K is quite a milestone.

  6. Dustoff says:


    Yes I was yelling. (-:

  7. […] blogger, dedicated firefighter, and local boob Captain America earned his 300,000th hit this week! The milestone is being celebrated accordingly at First In, and it gives me another opportunity to […]

  8. Kim says:

    Congrats! Keep it up.

  9. Jon Brooks says:

    Congrats Cap’n. 700,000 more to ya.

    We’re both into water, I help make it potable and then you spray it all over the place. LOL

  10. Bob G. says:

    Mega-Congrats on such a MILESTONE…!!!
    May you see ONE MILLION!

    Stay safe out there.

  11. proof says:

    Congratulations, Cap’n! Good job!

  12. AJ Lynch says:

    Hey congrats from one boob to another! Heh.

    I noticed your blog has the Philly murder count- where do you get that? The city used to publish daily on the PPD website but I think Mayor Nutter put the kibosh on it.

    Congrats again.

  13. LisaMossie says:

    Congratulations, Cap! That’s awesome!

  14. Congratulations Captain. If I don’t watch out you’re going to pass me.

  15. D. says:

    Congrats! See you Saturday!

  16. JT says:

    Congratulations, Captain.

    I would’ve posted this yesterday, but when we adjusted the clocks, I sprang too far ahead.

  17. Old NFO says:

    Well done CA, well done, now keep it up 🙂 See ya Saturday…

  18. Congrats, Denny! You know, I hear at the Bloggopalooza, anyone with more than 100K hits buy all the rounds for the rest of us. Is that true?

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