Philadelphia schools chief Arlene Ackerman has been awarded a $65,000 performance bonus, a district official confirmed Monday night.  The bonus comes on top of Ackerman’s $325,000 salary. She became the head of the nation’s eighth largest school district in June 2008.

Including perks such as life insurance and pension, she earns close to $500,000 annually.

Fernando Gallard, a spokesman for the Philadelphia School Distict, said that Ackerman received the bonus “as detailed in her contract.”  The contract calls for the superintendent to receive the money if she meets certain benchmarks.  If Ackerman stays through next June, she earns an extra $100,000. Her contract expires in 2013. LINK

Let me get this one straight. The head of one of the worst performing districts in the area makes almost a HALF A MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR?

AHHHHHHHHHHH… KA-BOOOOOOM! (Sound of my head exploding.)

Arlene Ackerman is doing a horrible job as Philadelphia Schools Superintendent yet she’s bringing in nearly half a million dollars a year in compensation. To be fair, with the teachers union firmly in control most likely no one could do much better. So why a HALF A MILLION DOLLARS? Seriously. Couldn’t we get someone else for 250K since results are clearly not an issue?

All you have to do is ask an Asian kid in South Philly High School how his school is doing. After being victimized by violence while Ackerman and district administrators did nothing and remained largely ineffective I can’t imagine how a “performance bonus” is warranted. Maybe it’s for the act she did while trying to explain her ineffectiveness. I’m quite sure Akerman who blew off their complaints until it was too late is easily replaceable for much less. At the end of the day taxpayer dollars are being thrown down this school district rat hole when we can least afford it.



  1. Dustoff says:

    Damn… I’m in the wrong job.


  2. Robbie says:

    Yup, that sound you just heard was my stomach rolling ! That’s truly sickening

  3. USAdmiral says:

    It is an epidemic nation wide.

  4. Bob G. says:

    A FAR CRY from the halcyon days of the Philly school district when it MEANT something…
    (1970 graduate of ALHS here)
    How could we possibly have done MORE with less back in the late 60s and early 70s…and STILL graduate MORE kids with BETTER scores???
    (fewer freebies?)
    I think MY brain’s ready to reach it’s OWN flashpoint!

    Good post!

    Saty safe.

  5. Bob G. says:

    and STAY safe, too…!


  6. Ingineer66 says:

    A Performance Bonus! Are you F-ing kidding me? There aren’t any public school districts in the country that should be paying management performance bonuses right now. What does the contract say? If the drop out rate goes from 35% to 40% while you are here we will give you an extra $65k.

  7. Yeah guys it is pretty mind blowing. Her salry is about half what it takes to keep a fire engine on the street for a year. My engine answers thousands of calls alone every year.


    As a business owner and a educator, I think this entire situation is not only mind blowing but illegal. How is this amount of money possibly justified with the conditions of the schools. These are truly the sign of the times.

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