LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) — The marriage took place at one of the Nigerian capital’s most recognizable landmarks, under the golden dome of the National Mosque in front of an audience of the elite.

But the recent wedding of one of the Muslim leaders who brought Shariah law to Africa’s most populous nation is under scrutiny as human rights groups say he married a 13-year-old Egyptian girl.

As authorities investigate Senator Ahmad Sani Yerima, the marriage is drawing fresh questions about the role of religion in a country of 150 million people split between Christians and Muslims.

Yerima, 49, arranged the marriage with the girl after paying her family a $100,000 dowry, according to a complaint filed by the Nigerian Human Rights Commission in April. Initially, Yerima couldn’t arrange a visa for the girl to travel from Egypt to Nigeria, so he instead brought the girl through neighboring Niger, said Chidi Odinkalu, a lawyer for works for the open Society Justice Initiative. LINK

Having a daughter about this age, you can only imagine how repulsed and infuriated I am by these all too common stories. I believe that those who abuse children have a special place in Hell reserved for them. And I also believe they should suffer the most severe punishments we can muster just in case Hell really doesn’t exist. Why take any chances? Consider this quote from the monster:

Yerima himself appears unrepentant in recent interviews, though he has declined to say how old his new wife is.

“As a Muslim, as I always say, I consider God’s law and that of his prophet above any other law,” Yerima told the BBC’s Hausa language radio service. “I will not respect any law that contradicts that and whoever wants to sanction me for that is free to do that.”

Yeah we can reason with people like this. This Nigerian savage is hiding his obvious pedophilia behind an all to common defense, Islam. We all know what Islam (the religion of peace) thinks of women yet in this country, under this regime Islam is now in favor. Yes President Obama favors special treatment for Islam and Islamic countries despite this religions horrible practices. It is simply mind-blowing that there are people like our President (Who actually claims to be a Christian…how funny is that?) who openly defend these countries instead of speaking out against them and their practices.

Practices that involve the following barbaric actions: Female circumcision, child brides, child soldiers, bride burning (“Honor” killings”) suicide bombing AKA homicide bombing, beheading, lashing, stoning, and throwing acid on young girls who go to school. Islamic society keeps women uneducated and wrapped in Burquas “because we love them”. That’s what abusers always say when they beat and kill their victims. How many women have had their lives ended by abusive husbands and boyfriends who claim afterward they did it for love? Plenty.

So excuse me if once again I am repulsed by this story. Excuse me if I am revolted by our President’s foreign policy of appeasement to Islamic- terrorist regimes like Iran who only have one goal and that’s to kill as many Americans as possible. Excuse me if I ain’t buying the “Religion of peace” bit.



  1. Ingineer66 says:

    Isn’t this called human trafficking or slavery by most of the world.

  2. Crusty says:

    It is time that the World acknowledges that these PSOS have just reached the point of walking upright on the evolutionary scale. There is plenty of blame here inclusive of the pedo, liberal Americans and the parents that are running a $100,000 a child puppy mill. At that price, I am sure you can buy your choice of sex. Where is the uproar from the American liberals? They are too busy protesting the rights of criminals being detained for being illegal immigrants

  3. Wyatt Earp says:

    “The Prophet” deemed me to spit upon animals like this, and I must obey his law.


  4. Old NFO says:

    But…but… THIS is the same law y’all want brought here! What’s the problem? After all, women are just property over there… sigh…

  5. Dustoff says:

    These people are sick is SO many ways.

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