It’s been a long week. Work and school finals have run me ragged. Both monsters have missed a day of school here and there due to illnesses (nothing serious). The girl especially hates missing school as it’s the center of her social universe. SO I have finally caught up on my sleep and wanted to post a couple of pictures of last weekends camping trip.

It started raining immediately when we left Friday at 5pm. Can you imagine that? Then the temperature dropped thirty degrees. By the time we got to the campsite cold and wet were two terms already being overused. In any event we were only an hour away at Musser Scout Reservation. I had never been there before and was frankly blown away at how cool it was. The reservation has four camp sites. Each has a different theme. We were staying in the old west fort. There was also a castle, tepees and a pirate ship.

Although the first night was cold and wet we managed to survive. Saturday proved to be overcast but not too bad. The boys fished in the morning and spent the afternoon at the archery range. The highlight of the weekend was four of the older boys moving up to the Boy Scouts. They were awarded the Arrow of Light award at a campfire ceremony. It was pretty neat to see the boys crossing the bridge with their fathers, something I’m quite sure society could stand a bit more of. Imagine the concept of fathers and sons doing things together? Weird huh?

Anyway we survived a cold, wet weekend and like Peach said “Dad when you come home you’ll be dripping with character”. Yep, lots of character.

The boys putting up the flag. Yes you can still do that in scouts.

My buddy Paramedic Jay doing what he does best, crash.

Morning coffee around the campfire. Great way to chase the chill.

Doing a little fishing. Even though the fish weren’t biting, the boy had a pretty good time.

4 Responses to CAMPING REPORT

  1. Randal Graves says:

    Holy crap; that’s the coolest campground EVEH!

  2. Dude we finally agree on something. It was so off the hook I couldn’t believe it. If I was a kid I would KILL to spend a weekend there. It really looked like an old west fort with barracks, electricity and running water. The towere alone were awesome for the boys to goof around in. The kitchen was great and there was a campfire burning all the time.
    Good stuff.

  3. Dustoff says:

    Great pic’s Capt. Nice place too, but do me a favor. Tell Jay to get up. He’s making us medic’s look bad. LOL

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