A man died in a Port Richmond fire that broke out late last night, but a woman and at least two children were able to escape.

The fire broke out at 11:17 p.m. in an end rowhouse om the 2900 block of Tulip Street, and, despite heavy fire in the rear, was declared under control just before 11:30, according to Battalion Chief Willie Williams.

Fire fighters returned at 2:48 a.m. to hose down still smoldering embers, a dispatcher said.

The man’s body was found on the second floor of the home, which had no working smoke detectors, according to 6ABC.

Four people were evacuated, but no details were being released about ages or gender, except that that man was in his 50s, Williams said.

Neighbors were unable to reach the man, who needed a cane to walk, according to Fox29.

“We tried to kick in the door, and as we was kicking the door, we woke the little kids up,” neighbor Anthony Torres Rodriguez told the TV station. “And then one of them came and opened the door.”

Twins and perhaps another child got out, along with the woman, but Rodriguez and others couldn’t reach the man.

“It was just this one old man in the back – me and my friends, we all ran into the backroom, but we couldn’t go all of the way back there because it was on fire,” he said.

The cause of the blaze – the 11th fatal one this year – is being investigated, Williams said.

The only smoke alarm discovered was one in the basement with no battery in place, he said.

The reporting makes a point to inform us that (allegedly) there was no working smoke detectors in this house. Yet it COMPLETELY IGNORES the fact that we have another fatal fire in the local of a fire company CLOSED by the Nutter administration.

Engine Six, NOW CLOSED would have been first in at this fire. It is too painful to know that NEIGHBORS broke down the front door so that the children could escape. Thank God for their actions. What is even more tragic is that the man killed may have still been alive as well. Had Engine Six still been in service, he may have been rescued like the children and the woman. We will never know now. Philadelphia’s eleventh tragic fire death this year comes on a day where the local news paper editorials are asking about “right sizing” the Fire Department.

In Philly the insanity never stops.



  1. Wagonsx says:

    Are there statistics kept, or should I say made public, showing the calls for service, actual fires, fire injuries and deaths, in the locals of the now closed companies?

  2. Ingineer66 says:

    You would think a good investigative reporter would talk about what the response time from Engine 6 would have been and what the response time from the new “right sized” first in engine was.

    • Wagonsx says:

      That might make the Nutter Administration look bad. No reporter in this city wants to risk doing that.

  3. Old NFO says:

    Sad when the FFs on scene find out after the fact, not that it sounds like they were able to do a search…

  4. Squid says:

    Hey Capt, where’d they put 38s?

    • They are running out of Engine 33. They are used city wide as a cover up company every day. If you do a search you will find a posting I did on them a while back that explains the whole situation.

  5. Mike47 says:

    Ingineer66 and Captain: “Invesigative reporters” almost don’t exist anymore. Why? Replaced by left-wing “crusader” reporters, out to “change the world”. My observation is this was brought on by the gradual and insideous change of the study of journalism in high schools and colleges across the nation since the 60’s, from factual investigative skills and development of writing ability to learning how to use the media to support a “cause” and foment “change”. Anyone who wonders why the media went from being patriotic supporters of America to leftist synchophants need only look to our institutions of “higher learning” (now indoctrination) for the answers.

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