Happy Easter to all the faithful on what is the real holiest day on the Christian calander. Despite our media driven, consumer obsessed culture Easter Sunday is the foundation of Christian faith, not Christmas. Have a great day everyone. It would be nice if Google recognized that fact for a change.


3 Responses to HAPPY EASTER

  1. Old NFO says:

    The same to you and yours CA! Enjoy the Day!

  2. Randal Graves says:

    You definitely knew it was Easter at church yesterday. All of the “once a year” people were there wondering why they couldn’t get a seat when they showed up 5 minutes after mass started.

  3. Ever notice how the lefty media never makes a stink about Easter, Crucifixes, etc and how its usually about the same time as Passover, like they do with Hannukkah and CHRISTmas? No demands for “That Spring Holiday” or the like? Is there something about being THATclose to God that actually frightens the left??

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