Today was a beautiful day in Philly. The weather was absolutely fantastic. Good Friday had people out after a long cold winter. It’s nice to work on days like that. Even though many people split the city for the Jersey shore early it was still a busy day.

It started exactly like last week’s tour, with a call for a car accident. This time I had just finished my coffee so I was ready to go. When we arrived we had a car knocked onto its side. Apparently there was “incidental” contact going through the intersection. The contact was with a car driven by an off duty police officer. There were three girls in the car on their way to a “pottery convention”. (A likely story). They were out of the car and once again due to American craftmanship were fine. The Police Officer was Ok as well.

A little later in the shift we responded to 30th Street Station. A handicapped woman had driven her power scooter OFF THE TRAIN PLATFORM and on to the train tracks. Luckily there was no train inbound. We got her out and packaged up and the medics ran her to the hospital. She is one lucky woman.

The most distressing case this Good Friday was an assault call we got. A 22-year-old woman weighing in at maybe 125? lbs was punched out by her “boyfriend”. When we arrived on location this human filthbag was still there. He was as unconcerned as could be. Of course we called for the police as the sobbing woman related the story of how the hero “boyfriend” choked and punched her simple.

Now this is where it get’s disgusting. As my guys are attending to the victim, the “boyfriend” whom I am watching is talking with another woman. She comes over to the victim and starts talking with her. The victim gets more agitated because this is HER MOTHER! She is trying to talk her out of pressing charges! She is worried about the “boyfriend” because he is going to “Catch a case”. I sh*t you not. It was unbelievable. Here is mom taking the “boyfriends” side against her own daughter as she sits there sobbing in pain inflicted by this 190 lb animal. It absolutely boggles the mind.

Lucky for us we impressed upon the police how serious her injuries were (possibly broken ribs) and they locked him up. But guess who had to take custody of the girls minor child… you guessed it, THE GIRL’S MOTHER!

As sick as it gets. (almost)


2 Responses to SHOP TALK

  1. Wagonsx says:

    He will only spend a day or two locked up. The victim, and/or her Mother, will post the nominal bail and he will be sitting in the lounge chair watching his 60″ Plasma before your next tour. She will fail to appear to any of the court listings. After about 3 continuances because the ‘victim’ failed to appear, the charges will be dismissed. He will beat her again, and the cycle will continue.

  2. Old NFO says:

    She’ll be dead in a year if she doesn’t leave…

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