Hayworth is a six-term member of the US House who, after a defeat in the 2006 general election, became a conservative talk-show host in Phoenix. The job allowed him a platform for his views and raised his public profile, which he says resulted in a flood of requests late last year to reenter politics and challenge McCain in the Republican primary.

Arizona voters can expect illegal immigration to be a major theme of Hayworth’s campaign, especially the issue of “amnesty.” McCain has advocated allowing special visas for undocumented workers and other measures that prevent immediate deportation, and he campaigned against Arizona’s Proposition 200, which requires proof of citizenship to receive public benefits in the state. When voters approved it in 2004, some saw that as evidence that McCain was out of touch with the electorate.

Hayworth had proposed legislation in the House to deal with illegal immigration and, in 2006, wrote a book about the issue, but he found himself out of step with President Bush and other members of his party who sought a more measured approach. Hayworth says he takes a “broken window” position toward the issue, meaning, “when you start enforcing the law, people respond to that action.” He faults Presidents Bush and Obama for not putting border security at the top of their priority lists.

“If [Obama] really wanted a grand public works project, building and securing the border and ports of entry makes common sense,” he says. “It’s unconscionable [that] we spent almost a decade after 9/11 and have failed to protect our border.” LINK

I know a lot of Republicans still like and respect John McCain for his honorable service to our country. So do I. But as a conservative I have witnessed, am LIVING the catastrophe that has befallen our country under the Obama administration. I lay the blame squarely on the shoulders of Republicans In Name Only (RINOS) like John McCain.

RINO Republicans and their never-ending pragmatic blather (ala Lindsey Grahamnesty) and their obsession with being liked by a completely spiteful mainstream media instead of sticking to conservative principles and standing up for America have led us to the doorstep of disaster.

Today we are looking into the abyss, social, economic and politically speaking thanks to the John McCains of the party and it breaks my heart. Funny how successful the Republican party was under Newt Gingrich and Ronald Regan and how dreadful they have become without true conservative leadership. These are truly dangerous times we live in.

Our oldest and closest allies are being thrown under the bus while rogue regimes flaunt international law with impugnity. Our economy is barely functioning while Congress prints and spends money like drunken sailors on shore leave, raises our taxes and rewards the least productive among us. Words are no adequate to describe what is going on in America today.

Securing our national borders given our ongoing problems with security and terrorism should be a no brainer especially for Republicans. Yet once again John McCain can’t seem to get his act together on the issue. J.D. Hayworth is clear and articulate on the problem. How refreshing.

Amnesty for illegal immigrants along with Cap and Tax will be the next issues shoved down the throats of the American people by the Obama administration. These issues will collude to undermine and eventually destroy what was once the most prosperous country the word has ever known and politicians like Mr. McCain can’t or won’t rise to the occasion in defense. What a tragedy.

I originally supported John McCain as a great American. For many years I tolerated his quirky “moderation” and his “Maverick” style because quite frankly during those days there was room for it. No longer. We have seen that there are NO moderates in the democrat party. There is rigid ideology and political warfare. If Mr. McCain is unprepared to respond in kind, if he no longer has the stomach for the fight or if like Neville Chamberlain he still thinks he can negotiate with democrats then he should do the right thing. Save the party the trouble of the primary fight and let someone who isn’t afraid of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama take the fight to them. I for one am sick and tired of the Mc-CANT’S in our party. It’s time for new blood.

I urge the conservatives in Arizona to unite behind J.D. Hayworth and send a message to the RINOS out there. Playtime is over. It’s time to get about the business of saving our country. It’s no more Mr. Nice Guy from here on out.



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  2. Wyatt Earp says:

    Well, there is good news: Obama’s approval numbers are at an all-time low, according to Rasmussen.

  3. Old NFO says:

    Hayworth has a better than average chance I think… And yeah, the whole border issue is about to blow up (again) with the cuts in CPB funding for personnel.

  4. Dustoff says:


    How do I say this with out pissing everyone off.

    Look I’m NO fan of McCain. But when Hayworth was in, spending was one thing he was fond of.

    I wish we had someone to pick.

    • Sure but it was a differetn regime and he was a Representative. At least he appears to have heard the message. McSame-negative. They all have to pay this time around.

  5. Dustoff says:

    I sure hope so Capt. Because if he blows it. A lib dem could find their way in.

    That would be bad.

  6. lee says:

    John McCain IS wrong for this country ( and I have always been a democrat until now – an Independent since Pres. Obama came in!!(worse I was snowed by false promises)
    1) This country is too over populated as it stands!!
    2) John McCain does not get it!
    3) We must stop them at our Borders NOW!! and NO NEW immigration now for yrs!!
    4) With millions dyeing needlessly from cancer, we must upgrade our RDA vitamins to be like other countries that live longer & healthier! No one is telling ( Hiding major nutrient supplements i.e. R Alpha Lipoid Acid” aka Glutathione to build the DNA Immune system for all post cancer patients especially after Chemo & radiation.
    ..McCain wants to control our vitamins ( of which our RDA is SO OUTDATED for health),meanwhile, McCain’s Presidential campaign was funded by none other than COKE!!!!the biggest cancer sugar pusher Coke sponsored his Presidential campaign. Is it any surprise he is against vitamins!!
    win this thing; you need to realize you not only need PLEASE goggle March 2010 Life Extension Foundation FDA!!! Just bring that up. Millions!! Yes millions are tired of NO alternative medical option! People are far more educated about vitamins and how much they do help than you realize!! Stay on that & Illegal immigration and you WILL WIN!!!!
    PS following a 3/96 following a Left side lumbar OVEDOSE of a epidural, I was left to exist for pain on 80mg of methadone a day for motor nerve damage, BOTH legs,..well if not for Magnesium aspartate & succinate, at 500mg a day over one month I went from 80mg a day DOWN to 40mg a day. >Yes 30 days & NO withdrawal symptoms whatsoever!!!. Then stuck there at 40mg a day for a while, Sept 2009 I started Alpha Lipoic Acid 300mg a day , as used in Europe for Diabetic neuropathy. Though mine not from diabetes, nerves are nerves, and I am now down to 20mg ( 2 x 10mg) a day. Imagine what all this could do for our overall healthcare cost? Imagine how this could help our Soldiers?!!!
    After fifteern yrs, of drugs & pain,.. alternative med, is returning this gal to work!!!YEAH! Broadcasting & Corp sales!!

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