I want to take a minute to send a shout out to Peach. After sitting out a softball season because of allergies and a not being sure she wanted to play she has come back strong. I don’t push the kids when it comes to activities. While I prefer that they get involved in sports etc. I leave the ultimate decision to play or not to play up to them. If they choose to play I’ll help out as much as I can.

Two seasons back Peach had a rough season. She ended up in the hospital for four days after being in and out of the ER over the course of a week. After that the season was a washout. She opted not to play the next year and we thought she gave up on softball. But this year she’s come roaring back. She went out for and made her school team with only one season under her belt. She is a sixth grader on a team dominated by seventh and eighth graders. Not too shabby.

I am seeing a competitive streak develop in her and that’s great. She wants to be challenged and achieve. So this season she is going to play on two teams, her school and the neighborhood team. Both teams are competitive and have a lot of good players. This should be a good challenge for her as she still has to keep up in school, but I know she can do it. Nice job Liz.

Love Dad.

2 Responses to A LEAGUE OF HER OWN!

  1. Old NFO says:

    Great for her! Hopefully the allergies will lay down and let her play!!!

  2. URSIS says:

    Hey Peach best of luck from all of us down here in VA BCH!!!!! Go Get ’em:)

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