It’s been a long week for me. Lots of overtime but the weather broke for the most part and the worst of winter is behind us. Daylight Savings has kicked in and this week has been absolutely gorgeous. That’s probably why work has been unusually slow. Who wants to be sick at this time of the year?

Just a few notes for those new to First In (God only knows why). My posting tends to be irregular due to my schedule. Some days I come home and really want to  post something but I’m too tired and incoherent. When I have posted like that in the past I end up reading it later and just ask myself what the hell I was talking about. So it goes. Other days I knock out multiple posts all in a row. That’s the way my brain works. It also depends on the time of day, the family and this semester school work. SO if you don’t see a post for a day or two I’m probably at work. Don’t worry I’ll be back…

Also at the end of every post is a bunch of stars. That’s a rating device to let me know if you liked the post or I’m rambling incoherently again and need a nap. I know you can’t always get a comment in on all your favorite blogs so this makes it a bit easier. Rate away.

As for today, nap time and then firehouse tonight.


11 Responses to PIC OF THE DAY

  1. Dustoff says:

    Not a problem Capt.

    Yet for some unkown reason the pic does not show up?
    Show are you washing the rig?

  2. Dustoff says:


    It finally came up. Nice.
    So how often do you guys wax them? I usually do ours about every 2 1/2 months. (alone) )-:

    The weather here plays murder with the wax.

  3. Andrew says:

    No more Squrt, huh?

    Engine 43 sounds better anyway.

  4. Dustoff says:

    Spock says:

    What is this wax you speak of?

    LOL…. Ok you. But you’ll be sorry you asked.

    I use Meguiars wax. All three types.
    Starting with (1) Cleaner wax. (2) Polish wax. (3) Carnauba wax. for a lasting finish. (-:

    The Chief loves it. We have the shiniest rigs in the entire area.

  5. Dustoff says:

    OK…. No jokes on kissing up. I just love a good looking rig.
    My car and truck look the same way too.

  6. Squid says:

    Wax??? I got nothin’…Wax??? Back to the Engine. Every team needs a waterboy brother!

  7. Squid says:

    Oh yeah, and S L O W …..isn’t the word, dayworks are dragging!

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  9. We use wax as a joke. Actually the Squrt we had is 72’s old piece and it was junk forever. It’s back in the shop again and hopefully this time it’s gone for good. We are too busy to have a Squrt even though 43’s has been a Squrt co. forever it’s just a bad idea. This KME is a highway piece with the mid mount pump (no side panel) and is much better suited to our needs. I’m working the phones trying to keep it. Hopefully we will.
    When we changed over this time the fellas went wild cleaning the truck. Armor All on the tires and everything. Can you imagine??? 🙂

  10. Old NFO says:

    Give em something nice, they take care of it 🙂

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