Momma Sox Rocks.

Ok I’m going out on a limb here. I’m going to talk about American Idol for a bit. Now I know that tons of people hate American Idol. I understand that. There are also tons and TONS of people who love it. I just like it and so does the whole family. It’s pretty rare anymore when there is a show on TV that the whole family can actually watch together.

American Idol has two phases. The first is the train wreck phase, the auditions. You watch it just for the sheer insanity of some of the people who camp out for hours and hours just to have Simon trash them. The second phase is when the show really comes into it’s own- the competition. Remember Americans LOVE competition. That’s what Idol delivers. Plus it’s pretty great to watch some of these unknown singers get their big chance.

When the show first started I was a really big fan, watched every week. As a kid I can remember watching Solid Gold with Ed McMahon. Remember the Solid Gold dancers? How could you forget? That would be like forgetting the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. Anyway- somewhere in the middle seasons we kind of lost interest. This season we are back into it and I’m glad. There are a lot of good singers in the final few.

As an armchair critic I am more often than not, right on the money when we evaluate each performance. Peach says it’s scary how close I come to the judges call, but I have a pretty good ear for music. So I feel pretty confident that my pick for this years winner is Crystal Bowersox (Mama-Sox). I really dig her. She was one of my early picks and is going strong into the finals. I think Di Di Banami is super hot and talented as well, but there is something about Crystal that just makes her a star. Maybe it’s because she isn’t as perfect (image wise) as the other girls. She is however the most talented by far. Really, really talented.

Tonight was Rolling Stones night and predictably most of the singers butchered it. Crystal did a solid job where nearly everyone else struggled. What was phenomenal about her performance was that she easily had two or three levels left in her. She is so good that she could have bumped it up a notch or two easily, on top of being in the top three! So my endorsement probably means she will get kicked off next but what can I say? I hope she wins.

Go Momma Sox! You rock.



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