local22In a federal lawsuit filed yesterday, an organization of African-American firefighters accused the Philadelphia firefighters union of being “racially harassing and abusive” to blacks.

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I am not going to get into a lengthy blow-by-blow about how fraudulent this entire scenario is, but it deserves a straightforward reply. I am also on dangerous ground here as I will instantly be labeled a racist for posting any opposition to the stated position of the President of Club Valiants, the black firefighters club, whom I know. I also saved his life. Such hardship for a black firefighter, the head of a blatantly racist organization to have a white firefighter keep him from being crushed by his own fire truck. My blog may also be targeted and I may face professional repercussions. It remains to be seen.

Local 22, our union, exists to improve the working conditions and economic situation of ALL its members. It tries very hard to do so considering it has to constantly do battle with the city while organizations like Club Valiants consistently undermine their position by supporting the political leadership of this city. When Local 22 wins, ALL firefighters – black and white – win. Now, in the middle of our contract negotiations, our Local is being sued by the very same people they are fighting for. You can’t make up stupidity like this. The level of selfishness is simply breathtaking.

Club Valiants exists to advance a racial agenda. Nothing more, nothing less. Period. The Fire Commissioner is a past President of Club Valiants. They favor race-based quotas. Green says as much in the interview. CAFFA was formed to fight racial quotas, but like the Valiants, it is nothing more than a fraternal organization. UNLIKE the Valiants, CAFFA does not discriminate based on race.

The city was sued successfully this year because they discriminated against WHITE firefighters. Four of the five top positions in the Fire department are held by minorities.

Club Valiants wants quotas and lax hiring and promotional standards so they can get more minorities hired and promoted; thus increasing their membership and power.

Club Valiants does not represent ALL black firefighters. It is, however, dominated by those who believe in racial politics and need it to advance professionally. Unfortunately, with the current power structure within the department, black firefighters who don’t go along with the Valiants agenda are targets themselves. So for the most part they stay quiet. It is truly a dangerous time we live in.

I want to add one thing: I have worked all over this city. I have helped many, many people of all races over the course of my career because that’s my job. In my opinion you can’t really do this job if you hold racial animosity or hatred of any kind in your heart. What’s more I have worked with and supervised people from many different backgrounds. When it comes right down to it, when a firefighter walks into my station there is only ONE criteria he is judged by- his ability to do the job. Period.

Many of the people who instigate the complaints, lawsuits and cry about being treated some sort of way are just that- cry babies who shouldn’t be in the job to start with. They can’t compete, can’t do the job, can’t handle the pressure of emergency services and should look for other career options. But they don’t. They stay and complain how unfair everyone else is to them because there is no standard anymore. They cause problems and disrupt the teamwork that we work hard to build. Often they are rewarded for being poor employees. The real story is that REAL BLACK FIREMEN AND REAL WHITE FIREMEN don’t engage in this sort of horseshit. We may go our separate ways at the end of the day but real firefighters know who the players are and that’s all that matters to us. If you are a bum, your skin color won’t hide the fact on the fire ground. Bum’s come in all colors and sexes. Unfortunately we have our share like the rest of society.

The leaders of Club Valiants should take a look in their own mirror- White firemen aren’t allowed to join their club yet they complain about racism. What would Dr. King say about that? I wonder. I really do.



  1. Ingineer66 says:

    Is there a group that represents women fire fighters? Why do we need any race or gender based professional group? It seems counter productive to me. Now if there was a group that helped all rookie fire-fighters improve or something like that would make sense.

  2. Andrew says:

    The Valiants are a plague…All they do is keep racism alive in the fire department.

  3. Andrew says:

    I’ll refrain from expressing how I truly feel about the Valiants, but I will say this:

    My father and his childhood friend grew up around the PFD. They both scored 100s on the exam back in the 80’s, placed well on the list, but were skipped over. Not even my grandfather, who was an officer, could do anything about it.

    With the recent application announcement for firefighter, I’m trying to stay optimistic, but I feel I’m doomed to my relatives’ fate.

    I hope for your sake, and for future aspiring firemen, racist organizations like the Valiants will be long gone.

    (If you feel anything I posted will jeopardize your blog, please take it down.)

  4. Wyatt Earp says:

    Remember the good old days when the best person was hired for the job? The city of Philadelphia doesn’t.

  5. Old NFO says:

    That is just plain sad…

  6. Randal Graves says:

    What a bunch of racists. So the Concerned American Fire Fighters Association (CAFFA)is racist but the Club Valiants (along with the NAACP) isn’t.

    What a bunch of d-bags.

    Quotas are pure racism!

  7. Jen06 says:

    Unfortunately, it’s an admission that black firefighters are NOT qualified for the job if they need so much “help” in order to be hired.

  8. George Tips says:

    As a retired fire captain from Camden, I am all to aware of the agenda of the so-called fraternal organizations of black FFs. Camden has the Brotherhood of Firefighters, an organization that will not admit whites. They have tried for years to stop white promotions (in 1998 when I had to sue to get promoted) they wanted a 2 for 1 scheme on the Captain’s promotion list). It’s unfortunate that we all work together but cannot fairly compete against one another without “racism” allegations.

  9. John D says:

    Sounds like another signpost on the road to Hell, I’m afraid.

  10. Dustoff says:


    I won’t even get into the fact we have some who can barely carry 100ft 4″ supply line. )-:

  11. Wyatt Earp says:

    The PPD has the racist Guardian Civic League. Whites are not allowed to join. Black Power!!!

  12. Howie says:

    I want two for one in the NBA.

  13. Annette says:

    Maybe that is why it always comes down to the blacks feeling they are not being treated fairly, hell they don’t need to do well on the test, if a white person scores 100 and black scores a 50 and the city needs to meet a quota the black person with the 50 gets the job, how does anyone see that to be fair? When people are handed things because of the color of their skin, they get greedy and want more! Do us all a favor, study for the test, pass like a white person has to, earn your position, they you can bitch, until then shut up already!

  14. Fairness 22 says:

    I find the comments about the valiants interesting and I wonder where the concern was when for more than 100 plus years in the fire service, if you were not white, you need not apply for any and everything and position in the fire services. lw

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