BUSTLETON – September 12, 2009 (WPVI) — Philadelphia homicide detectives are investigating the deaths of two people found in a Bustleton residence.

Police officers arrived on the 100 block of Greycourt Road after 6:00 p.m. and they found a couple dead in an upstairs bedroom.

40-year-old Robert DiAndrea and his 39-year-old wife Sophia were both stabbed to death in what reports are indicating as a murder-suicide.

According to residents, the area is a quiet neighborhood where many police officers and firefighters choose to live, but clearly that didn’t make this community immune to domestic violence. LINK

This is an unbelievably tragic story. It also hits home on multiple fronts. For one thing, this is my neighborhood. For another, the woman was my daughter’s fifth grade teacher (last school year).

We met Mrs. DiAndrea last year when Peach landed in her class. We talked with her at the parent – teacher conferences, where she told us Peach shouldn’t be so chatty with her friends. My wife helped out throughout the school year and had a good relationship with her. She also advised us on many occasions on future school choices for Peach. Mrs. DiAndrea took an interest in Lizzy’s academics and made her work extra hard when she thought she got into a mid-year slump. She was a very good teacher. Exactly the kind of teacher kids need.

This comes as a complete and utter shock to us. It knocked us for a loop when we heard the first reports. We would have never suspected a case of domestic violence in her life. Never. After a quick internet search of the local news web sites I couldn’t believe what I was confirming. It is truly a sad story. Teachers touch many lives. When something bad happens to them it is felt far and wide.

The most painful part was telling Peach. The Oberfrau and I talked the situation over. This situation is a first for us and Peach. Complicating things – Peach had a friend on the way over who ALSO had Mrs. DiAndrea. We quietly talked with her mother when she arrived and decided to break the news to them together before they heard it from another source.

Needless to say, they were shocked and clearly saddened. It most likely will take some time before the true impact of this situation sets in. We will just have to keep an eye on them.


7 Responses to TRAGEDY STRIKES

  1. RT says:

    Just such a sad, sad event. I’m glad that Peach had her friend over and they could about things in ways only kids can.

  2. Yeah RT it’s bad. Thanks.

  3. Randal Graves says:

    “The couple had apparently engaged in a battle to the death with knives in nearly every room of the house…”


  4. Paul says:

    This is sad Brother Denny. Obviously something wasn’t right in that home. I hope that Peach is well.

  5. I sat across a kids table from the woman with the wife discussing my daughters academic progress.

    Shocked doesn’t begin to cover it.

  6. Randal Graves says:

    They just reported:

    “murder-suicide”…”Sophia DiAndrea, 39, was stabbed multiple times in the chest. Her 40-year-old husband died from self-inflicted knife wounds to the arms and forearms.”

    How do you kill yourself with knife wounds to the arms??? I guess he bled out. That sounds like a REALLY painful way to go out.

  7. Jeaneane says:

    Sophie was one of my close friends. We taught together at Jay Cooke MS in Logan before we both went to other schools. I knew her for 6 years and never knew she was going through this. Her and ROb had a past, but no one would have ever thought he could do this to her. please pray for the boys…the witnessed the horrors that were occurring. A trust fund has been set up for them. Teachers that worked with Sophie both past and present are trying to set up some kind of scholarship fund or memorial award. They is going to be many fundraisers in her memory, including a softball tournament at Bustleton Bengals field in October. Please visit the memorial site on FB for info. Thank you!

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