A quick apology for my lack of posting lately but I have a feeble explanation. A few months ago we had an addition put on the house. It is the second phase of a project that involved some major work like the new driveway we had put in back in December. Unfortunately my untimely injury threw the schedule way out of whack.

Since money is always a consideration it was decided to have the contractor build the addition and finish the exterior and I (with the help of Fireboat John) would finish the inside thus saving a boatload of cash. Since I was unable to work at full capacity what should have been a month long project dragged out over five. Now that I am back to work (at about 90%) things are headed into the home stretch. Today is paint day and it’s all hands on deck. That leaves only the floor and it will be time to shop for furniture. Ugh. Does it ever end?

Anyway a few issues that I’ll be thinking and posting about in the near future: As of midnight last night all Philadelphia city employees are working without contracts. Cops and firefighters can’t strike but the other major city unions can and it looks as if this Mayor is looking for a showdown. Stay tuned.

In August I’ll be heading to Switzerland for a family vacation. The kids and the Oberfrau are heading to Italy in about two weeks to vacation with her sister and their family. I’ll be meeting up with them later. This should be the kind of vacation I really need- no possibility of working overtime or around the house. Just R&R with some tome to let my aching back muscles heal.

Our immaculate President has decided that he couldn’t interfere in Iran (our sworn enemy) where their people demonstrated for freedom but has no problem interfering in Honduras when it comes to propping up a left wing regime. Go figure.

Anyway I should get back to more normal posting as soon as I can swing it. See ya.

5 Responses to MY APOLOGIES

  1. Paul says:

    Brother Denny although we disagree at times I want you to know that this old Brother will always be your friend…Enjoy your vacation !!!

  2. Dustoff says:

    Have a gret time brother.
    I’ve been to Italy 5 times, but I’m not longer a fan.
    But still enjoy it.

    I’m getting ready for a trip myself. Rotan to do some diving in the clear, warm waters. (-:

    I live in Wa state where our water is damn cold.

  3. USA_Admiral says:

    No problem. It happens when Life gets in the way.

    I do not think the “The One” sees the Iran as an enemy.

  4. Old NFO says:

    Don’t worry about it CA- get the work done first, and enjoy the vacation. We’ll be here.

  5. Ingineer66 says:

    Enjoy your trip. My step daughter is in Europe right now and my cousin just got back from Ireland. Everybody is having fun in Europe this summer.

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