How about them Cowboys??

Look don’t get me wrong. The Eagles are the worst team in the league to be a fan of. Hands down, no questions asked. We suffer with Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid like a bad case syphilis.

As Eagles fans we really want them to win. We  have invested enough Sunday afternoons watching BAD football to have the right to complain and we do. We give our undying support to this team (When others don’t) through thick and thin and in return we want winners. If we don’t get that we BITCH!

The coach is a dope and the quarterback stinks. But you know what? They made the playoffs and that is reality. There are plenty of other teams out there that didn’t and that’s a fact. Did they catch lightning in a bottle for a minute? Maybe. If history is any indication we can expect McNabb to choke at the exact moment we need him most. But what if he doesn’t?  AND THAT “WHAT IF” IS WHAT SPORTS FANDOM IS ALL ABOUT!

Do they stink? On any given Sunday you betcha!

Did the just EMBARRASS Dallas and put 44 points on the board? Yeah man.

So for the moment I will keep my Eagles Jersey handy. (Was wearing the green today) and keep hope alive.

It still beats being a Dallas fan!


2 Responses to RITT’S REVENGE

  1. Paul says:

    Denny we do love our Iggs though don’t we ? I love kickin’ Jerry Jones butt !!! GO IGGS !!!

  2. Ritt says:

    Beating Dallas and cheerleaders. Excellent

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