That’s right, the EAGLES blew it today in Maryland. Their dismal offense put only 3 points on the board all afternoon as they lost 10 -3 to the Washington Redskins in an entirely winnable game.

Once again, the Eagles failed to establish the run and passed anemically the entire game. As expected, Donovan McNabb came up short in yet another big game. The frustrating thing is – as usual – the Birds COULD HAVE WON if but for a small degree of field generalship and some aggressive, creative play calling.

Dropped passes abounded and atrocious play calling combined to torpedo their ever shrinking chances to make the playoffs.

Well at least we have Christmas Cheerleaders.

I hear The Ghost of Christmas Future and he is moaning “Rebuilding year.” Time for McNabb and Reid to fade into the past.



  1. Wyatt Earp says:

    “Cry, Eagles, Cry . . . ”

    No excuses. They played themselves right out of the playoffs. Good thing, too. Otherwise, everyone would have said they didn’t need to make changes.

  2. USA_Admiral says:

    I have been going through this with the with the Jaguars this year. So many possibilities and so little execution.

  3. TrekMedic251 says:

    Don Adams was reportedly heard yelling from his grave “Missed it by that much, Andy!” 😉

  4. kate says:

    The Eagles ALWAYS choke. ALWAYS.

    My Christmas wish: For Reid and McNabb to go – anywhere but back in Philly.

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