M-o-n-o-n-u-c-l-e-o-s-i-s: (N) The kissing disease….

Since I razzed Wyatt this week about the lack of eye candy appearing on his blog he countered by leveling the same charge at me. While everyone knows FIRST IN is a family blog and not some smut-filled trash site like SYLG, he had me backed into a corner. However, he also said that the Oberfrau was somehow pulling the strings behind the scene at FIRST IN. This could not stand. So in order to restore the balance to the blogiverse, here is Marina.

In case you live in a cave next to Bin Laden with no electricity and haven’t heard I’ll clue you in. Marina Orlova is this smoking hot Russian babe who has turned YouTube into the new Rosetta Stone. She takes English words and gives the definition and origin of the word in about three minute videos.  It’s called “HotForWords.”  That’s about it. But that’s enough to make her one of the most popular searches going. It must be the accent…no?

All you’re going to get here is a still pic. If you want to see her vids, you’ll have to check out YouTube yourself. I’m not risking the liability if someone should suffer a cardiac episode while checking out FIRST IN. For the record, the Oberfrau and I saw Marina on the O’Rielly factor and it was a howl. I think it’s great when hot girls become rich and famous just because they are hot and have a gimmick. Why not? Plus, the Oberfrau thinks the whole blog thing is a colossal waste of time, could care less, and wishes I would quit anyway.

Ahh, what does she know right Wyatt, old buddy?


7 Responses to FOR WYATT

  1. Wyatt Earp says:

    Personally, I’d really wish you put your link in your comments at SYLG. This way, I don’t have to do it for ya all the time.

    Oh, and Marina? Jesus H. Christ, that’s a hot piece!

  2. Old NFO says:

    NICE!!! and yes, it’s nice to see people get ahead…

  3. ingineer66 says:

    Holy smokes she is hot. I clearly have not been spending enough time on the internet, because I did not know who she was.

  4. CaptainAmerica says:

    M-A-R-I-N-A: (N) Hot Russian babe who teaches us how to spell…

  5. John D says:

    I totally LOVE her!

  6. USA_Admiral says:

    All that and spelling too. Who needs a dictionary?

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