Okay, everyone out there who reads this blog gets an “F.” NO ONE called me out for not posting the Eagles Cheerleaders this weekend. In case you missed it, the Eagles HUMILIATED the stinking NY Giants thanks to Plaxico Burress’ prowess with a gun! What exactly is a “Plaxico,” anyway? I digress.

Ritt finally called me on it, so I guess SOMEONE cares. Usually Wyatt would have NEVER let something like that slip, but now he’s got so many rug rats running around that these things are bound to happen. So good call, Ritt. Are you just keeping me honest or do you have a thing for cheerleaders?



  1. Wyatt Earp says:

    No one cared because the Eagles are dead in the water. They’re a fraud!!!

  2. USA_Admiral says:

    It was a great job the Eagles did on the Giants.

  3. Ritt says:

    Captain – Read my comment under your ABout Me section. As I said “Get it together”!

  4. Ritt says:

    I like the cheerleaders.

  5. Then cheerleaders you shall have!

  6. ingineer66 says:

    I was wondering why you had not posted, I thought that you had given up on the season. At least they are not as horrible as the Raiders. We have the much awaited home game against the Patriots this weekend and we are awful and it is supposed to rain. It will not make for very good tailgating. When Bret Favre’s father died right before he played on a Monday night in Oakland he had 4 TD passes in the first half. So if Cassel plays he will probably do the same.

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