Ok, so have I mentioned that the Eagles STINK??!!!! Well they do. Today they played the Cincinnati Bengals to a stinking 13 -13 TIE! Can you get your brain around that? A TIE! The Bengals were 1and 8 going into the game and they should have WON, except their kicker booted a pretty easy field goal late in the game. It was that close! The Eagles were actually LUCKY to escape Cin-ci with the tie.

Look, Donovan McNabb is finished. He will never win a Super Bowl, for sure not in Philly. He threw so many interceptions today I lost track. The Birds have NO running game unless the other team plays a man down. The offense finally converted a 4th & inches instead of losing a yard. But even then they couldn’t sustain the drive beyond another set of downs. The offense is in disarray, with McNabb just going through the motions. You could see him playing for the tie toward the end.

The only good bright spot was the play of the defense. They had 8 or so sacks (I lost track of them as well). The secondary also played pretty solid ball, too. But they should have against that team.

So unlike in baseball, a 13-13 tie isn’t going to the runner. In my book a tie is as good as a loss. Yes, I am a harsh, critical Philadelphia fan. What of it? Enjoy the Bengals Cheerleaders this week.



  1. Ryan says:

    Dude, you live close enough to the NJ border that you could legitimately switch teams. The Giants can always use some more bandwagons.

    Oh, yeah…Giants won again today.

  2. Old NFO says:

    Pretty sad, I watched a few minutes and I don’t think McNabb ever completed a pass…

  3. As a Philadelphian I can’t switch. It’s in my DNA to stay and suffer.

  4. Paul says:

    Damn it – a tie is like kissing an ugly woman !! LOL

  5. Wyatt Earp says:

    How about that mongoloid McNabb not knowing that an NFL game can end in a tie? Frakkin’ fraud!

  6. Total. Rush was right.

  7. Wyatt Earp says:

    I heard that even the Daily News was calling for Fat Andy’s head yesterday. For whom the bell tolls.

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