In his first encounter with the criminal-justice system in 1991, Daniel Giddings was convicted of beating and robbing a mentally disabled man in his North Philadelphia neighborhood.

Giddings was 10 years old.

During the next seven years, Giddings was continuously in and out of juvenile institutions, where he was charged several times with assaulting staff, sending some to the hospital, according to court records.

He told a court in 2000 that he sold drugs on the corner, raised pit bulls for fighting, and gambled. He had already been shot twice and been arrested several times as a juvenile for assault, including several instances involving guns.

When he faced Common Pleas Court Judge Lynn B. Hamlin as an adult in 2000, convicted of robbing and shooting a man in the kneecaps, Assistant District Attorney Joseph Coolican said there was “absolutely no reason to believe” that it would ever be safe to release Giddings.

Hamlin, alarmed by Giddings’ criminal history but impressed by his grades in finishing a high school diploma while in custody, sentenced him to six to 12 years in prison – the minimum mandatory sentence.

On Tuesday, about a month after Giddings was released from prison to a halfway house, the 27-year-old man died in a shoot-out after police said he gunned down Officer Patrick McDonald following a traffic stop. Police say Giddings delivered the fatal shots while the wounded officer lay on a North Philadelphia street. LINK

Giddings, Daniel
PHILA., PA 19121
Race:Black Hair:Black Eyes:Brown Sex:Male

Arrest Dt: 09/02/1998
Proc Status: Completed DC No: 9825078596 OTN:M8857936
Seq No Statute Description Disposition
Sentence Dt. Sentence Type Program Period Sentence Length
1 18 § 3701 ROBBERY Guilty
09/20/2000 Confinement Min: 6 Year(s) Max: 12 Year(s)
2 18 § 3702 CARJACKING Not Guilty
3 18 § 2702 AGGRAVATED ASSAULT Guilty
09/20/2000 Confinement Min: 6 Year(s) Max: 12 Year(s)

4 18 § 6106 Nolle Prossed
5 18 § 6108 Nolle Prossed
6 18 § 3921 Nolle Prossed
7 18 § 907 Guilty
09/20/2000 Confinement Min: 1 Year(s) Max: 2 Year(s)
8 18 § 2701 SIMPLE ASSAULT Nolle Prossed

Arrest Dt: 03/22/1998
Proc Status: Completed DC No: 9826005669 OTN:M8572550
Disp Date: 05/16/2000 Disp Judge: Bennett-Hamlin, Lynn
1 18 § 2702 AGGRAVATED ASSAULT Nolle Prossed
2 18 § 6106 Nolle Prossed
3 18 § 6108 Nolle Prossed
4 18 § 6105 Nolle Prossed
5 18 § 907 Nolle Prossed
6 18 § 2706 TERRORISTIC THREATS Nolle Prossed
7 18 § 2701 SIMPLE ASSAULT Nolle Prossed
8 18 § 2705 Nolle Prossed
9 18 § 903 CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY Nolle Prossed

This post has been brewing in me for the last couple of days. Being in the hospital with Peach obviously had me distracted, so I put it off. But so much has happened since Officer McDonald was murdered that I couldn’t let it go. It’s time to tell it like it is. Enough of these bleeding heart liberal policies.

This week, Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth Court AGAIN ruled against Philadelphia’s effort  to make it’s own gun laws. If allowed, it would almost immediately lead to outright firearms bans and restrictions that would leave Philly’s overwhelming majority of law-abiding citizens unarmed and at the mercy of savage animals like Daniel Giddings. For the record, Giddings was a inhuman, savage animal, despite what his family said here. NO THANKS!

Philadelphia’s Mayor Nutter and Police Commissioner Ramsey seem so stunned when these horrible crimes happen. But so far they have proved incapable of mounting a serious and effective attack on 1% of the criminal element that murders, rapes and robs the innocent citizens who call Philly home. They see the answer to combating violent crime as gun confiscation and “Community Policing.”

Instead of issuing our Cops shotguns, Ramsey’s handing out Taser’s. Yet in Florida, they are giving their officers MORE firepower. As of post time the the Philly Police Department has pulled cops OFF the streets in certain high crime districts so as to not inflame tensions in the ‘hood. Less cops, instead of more. Sheer brillance.

You would think that the war on drugs would be a lesson to these dopes. We’ve had outright bans on all forms of illegal drugs forever. Yet it’s harder to get Eagles tickets than dope in this City. War on drugs? How’s that working out fellas? Get a clue.

This strategy has so far born out two things clearly: Prohibitions, bans and gun laws –  like all laws – only work for people inclined to obey them. People who have things to lose like a job, property, money, family, and firearms, obey the law. Criminals like Daniel Giddings do not. NO GUN LAW, PAST, PRESENT OR FUTURE would keep this POS from getting a gun and using it. Likewise, all the drug laws on the books don’t keep half of America from using illegal drugs. The difference is that we have a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO DEFEND OURSELVES FROM ANIMALS LIKE DANIEL GIDDINGS!

Now, what would have worked is if the bleeding heart Judge presiding over his hearings put the interest of the law-abiding citizens above the urban predators. This Judge had ample opportunity to lock this killer up for many more years for his long list of crimes – most of which were violent. Yet somehow, her indifference (she doesn’t even live in the city) was so high that this animal – who was a criminal among criminals – got off with a light sentence. Much like another POS Judge here. For the record, that’s Joe Fraziers daughter. She campaigned at our firehouse.

Where are Mayor Nutter and Police Commissioner Ramsey on this? If they spent half as much time bad-mouthing these azzclown Judges as they do gun owners, maybe we would see a change. Nah.

Let’s not forget the other players in this unholy alliance. The Parole board and other prison officials who recommended and approved releasing this predator back into the community to (Are you ready?) A HALFWAY HOUSE! This is a guy who spent more time in the hole for violence in prison than Tim Robbins did in the Shawshank Redemption. How long do you think he stayed there? Maybe a month? Let’s not forget our verminous Governor Fast Eddy Rendell. His greed and hatred of Cops & Firemen is topped only by his arrogance. Imagine signing this bill this week.

Shortly after he was released, Giddings was brawling with the police.  That led to the warrant Officer McDonald was investigating him for during the car stop. The first words out of Giddings mouth to the officer were, as usual, a lie in the form of a false name. When it was clear to Giddings that this officer wasn’t buying his lies he decided that he would take his chances fleeing and shooting it out with the ILLEGAL .45 pistol he was carrying. The gun apparently obtained in a very ILLEGAL straw buy from out of state. It is ILLEGAL for a felon to possess a gun. Period.

After wounding Officer McDonald, Giddings – in a final act of savage depravity – jogged back over and shot the helpless officer point blank multiple times. Just like another infamous cop killer. Remember the outrage over the Marine who shot the terrorist in Iraq after he started moving his hands? I do. Where is the same media outrage over this?

There is no reasoning with a human crime wave like Daniel Giddings, just like terrorists. The only way to stop someone like this is for a brave cop to shoot him down like the rabid dog that he was. Until the liberals begin to understand the failures of their policies, we will continue to be victimized by the likes of Giddings. Let’s just hope we don’t run out of Cops first.



  1. allrtee says:

    Hamlin, alarmed by Giddings’ criminal history but impressed by his grades in finishing a high school diploma while in custody, sentenced him to six to 12 years in prison – the minimum mandatory sentence.

    Ted Bundy was in law school. SO??????????????????

    It doesn’t matter that he got an education while in jail. He was OBVIOUSLY not someone that could or should be out on the streets. It was clear that he would not live a productive life. It wasn’t like he was involved with petty theft or drugs. HE WAS VIOLENT FROM THE AGE OF TEN, PROBABLY EARLIER BUT NEVER CAUGHT!

    What a bunch of idiots.

  2. yochanan says:


  3. Old NFO says:

    Good points all CA, too bad the pols and that idjit Ramsey won’t listen.

  4. george morris says:

    They should empty the prisons by holding public executions in eagles stadium and also charge for pay preview. That will help to stop repete criminals. You have got to give the arabs credit you do not steal 3 times !! Good post !

  5. Trixie says:

    Isn’t it interesting that most of the weapons violations that appear on this POS Gidding’s rap sheet are listed as “nolle prossed” which means “not prosecuted”. Yet Mayor McCheese and Commissioner Barney Fife think that adding MORE gun laws to the books is the answer to the problem.

    They don’t even prosecute the laws we have on the books. This city is a joke.

  6. Rick says:

    Great Post. And may God Keep the Police and Fire Fighters in Philly Safe.

  7. Wyatt Earp says:

    The best thing I can say about Giddings is that I’m glad he’s dead.

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