Well, did you all get up early today to watch FOX’s Good Day Philadelphia? I was there, bright and early. Now I’m whooped. The local FOX morning show broadcast from our station today and everything went fantastic.

My able lieutenant, the legendary “Bounce” Wilson, was in rare form as he guided the host and super news babe Dorothy Krysiuk around our station.

It’s a big deal when the Fire Commissioner stops by, as well. Things need to be in order or else . . .

Here he discusses some Chinese language fire prevention literature with Dorothy. Nice face time for the boss and a great chance to get out the message of fire safety.

As TV personalities go, Dorothy was genuine and down to earth. She was laughing and joking with the fellas the whole time. Here she is shooting some video at the watch desk.

Doing the live shot in front of our famous wall.

At the wrap up she was great about posing for pictures with everyone. All in all, a fun morning. As soon as FOX posts the video on their website I’ll link it.


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