Ok, when is a loss, in reality, a win? When you read First In, that’s when. You see, even though the Eagles blew a sure thing last night once again, you, my dear readers, are treated to a lovely picture of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. As promised, I’ll post a picture of the winning team’s cheerleaders after ever Eagles game this season. So win, lose or draw you get cheerleaders – and that’s a win every time. Even though we HATE the stinking Cowgirls, we love all Cheerleaders. It’s the American way.

Now the gory details: The Eagles managed to put up a good fight far away from their nest in Texas stadium. But big plays were canceled out by bigger mistakes leading to a 41-37 loss. Terrible penalties (how about that 15 yard unsportsmanlike??), dropped balls and dopey play calling (they ended on a embarrassing gadget play that went nowhere) haunted the Birds throughout the game.

Lets face it: Donovan McNabb is the re-incarnation of Randal Cunningham. A gifted athlete who just doesn’t seem to understand what it takes to be a NFL quarterback. I don’t mean statistically speaking, either. I know he puts up numbers. And Cris Carter just catches touchdowns. What’s my point? My point is that he lacks the intangible quality that makes a great quarterback.

Did anyone in the world think he could actually march the Birds down field in the final minutes for a win? Of course not. Everyone knew that wasn’t happening, Dallas included. He’s just not that kind of a threat. He’s no rattlesnake Jake when under pressure, backed into a corner. He folds every time.

Donovan blew a crucial hand off late in the game that essentially sealed their fate. I knew it was over right there. It was a momentum shifter. Everyone felt it. Instead of closing the door on Dallas, they left the window open. Guess what? You can’t do that in the NFC East. A simple, routine hand off. As usual, he either overpowers close passes or under throws medium range throws. We’ve had 10 years of this now. We’ve seen it time and again. He ends the game taking a sack without getting out of bounds or throwing the ball away. He has no sense of urgency, ever!

How about the biggest bonehead play of the whole season (week two)… The Eagles Deshawn Jackson who spikes the ball before crossing the goal line, forcing them to have to run another play from the one yard line. You can’t make this sh*t up kids. What an idiot.

The only thing more miserable than watching the Birds snatch defeat from the jaws of victory (yet again) was listening to ESPN’s excruciating announcers. Save for Jaws (who could talk less) they are the absolute worst.


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