Welcome to First In! My name is Wyatt Earp, and you can usually find me over at Support Your Local Gunfighter. Captain America asked (read: demanded) that I cover for him while he is away on vacation. It’s no problem, since I can always use an excuse to bore another audience.

Any hoo, I’ll try to post often and keep everyone fairly entertained. The last thing I need is to drive away the good Captain’s readers, so I’ll use the tried and true method of pandering. I mean, it works so well for Barack Obama, so it should work here. That means lots of pictures of babes (and the occasional hunk for the ladies), linky love to the Cap’s favorite blogs, and conservative commentary from the biggest idiot in the Philadelphia Police Department. That would be me.

Let’s get started with a pic of Fox Philly’s Traffic Angel, Dorothy Krysiuk, on whom I have a severe crush. Mmm . . . Dorothy! *drools*


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