If you drive around Philly long enough, you will see that on lots of street corners the spirit of capitalism is alive and well. “Vendors'” selling soft pretzels and flowers are the most common, but in Philly you can get a good part of your shopping done at many intersections. Depending on the season and how our sports teams are doing, you can get all matter of team related paraphernalia from T-shirts to pennants to hats with Eagles that flap their wings.

On any given Sunday you can even get furniture at the corner. That’s right, our “Vendors” bring couches, sofas, end tables, recliners, and sometimes even artwork right out to the neighborhood. That’s just some of the legal things you can buy on a street corner in Philly.

So, as you may imagine, competition can be at times fierce and every “Vendor” is looking to make his play for increased market share. In this picture we have one of our local entrepreneurs unveiling his new fall marketing campaign. He is obviously targeting a specific male demographic with that subtle message. Nothing like street cred. I wish him well. Only in Philly.

Thanks to sis for the pic! Awesome job!


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