Obviously, the answer to that is noooooooooooo. So I am now mentioning the greatest invention in the history of America besides the artificial heart – and we all know you can’t ride one of those.

The Harley Davidson motorcycle. Where do you start? I guess when people from other countries come to America, they just love to see the big American bikes. It’s kind of mystical.

While surfing the web, I came across this very cool web site LINK. I think the guy who put it together is named John Macdonald. It is an historical look at the Harley Davidson motorcycle with tons of very cool pictures. Do yourself a solid and give it a click.

I have owned two Harleys in my life (among others). A 1979 Sportster, and a 1977 Low Rider. The Low Rider was my absolute favorite bike of all time. Like most Harley owners, I put a ton of blood, sweat, money, and tears into both bikes. When people ask me these days if I still ride, I just tell them I’m in between bikes (for about ten years). I promised the Oberfrau that I wouldn’t ride while the kids were still young. So I sold the Low Rider and bought a mini- van . . . yeah I KNOW! But to make up for it, I bought the Firebird; which is currently incarcerated in PAINT JAIL at the body shop. So it is what it is.

I’m still a biker at heart and always will be. I think being a biker is more than owning a bike. It’s about who you are in life. It’s a state of mind. Just because you’re temporarily in between bikes you don’t lose your bikers view on life. (Although not having a ride makes it hard) “Once you get it, you get it” and that’s it, kind of like tying your shoes.

So, until that time comes, I will lay back and plan out my next bike. There will be a next bike… oh yes there will be.


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