After reading the previous post (For you gamers) you’ll probably guess that as an American I have nothing but the deepest and most profound respect for our founding white guys. (I call them that because white guys in today’s politically correct culture are the root of all evil and therefore I need to point out for the record that the GREATEST nation in the history of mankind was founded ironically by rich white guys) Now given that you can imagine what I think about today’s racially diverse, sexually inclusive, non-discriminatory, Bi-Gay-Trans-Gendered- friendly, environmentally conscious, religiously tolerant, MORALLY BANKRUPT Senate. NOT MUCH. In fact someone wiser than me has coined a term that I think is perfect when applied to today’s Congress, the Senate in particular. CASTEROTTI. In case you aren’t familiar with the term it is gender neutral and refers to someone forcibly or not, who is devoid of that part of the male anatomy where intestinal fortitude is found. It’s a noun like Paparazzi and it’s root is castrate. Curiously enough it can be applied figuratively to women. That’s because in today’s world there are more and more women who seem to have more ballz than most men especially in the Senate hereafter known as THE HALL OF CASTEROTTI.
Get a set gentlemen. Captainden


  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s how they got the grown men to sing the really high parts in the really, really, really old music!!! I know that one! Sorry, giddy, goofy tired.

    You even used the proper plural in Italian. 🙂 I was somewhat fluent at one point…all gone, now.

    I need to stop now.

  2. Wyatt Earp says:

    “founding white guys”

    That’s brilliant!!!

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