Ok so I’m on the treadmill where I do some of my best (or worst) thinking. I’m thinking about a headline I saw on the web news page about Iraq. It seems that the U.N. has something to say about Iraq. They really, really don’t want Iraq to slide into civil war. WHAT? Now after all of our blood sweat and tears they want to preach? Well then why don’t we just put Saddam back in charge, at least there will be order until he attacks one of his neighbors again. Read on:
U.N. urges Iraq to halt slide to civil war
By Mussab Al-Khairalla and Claudia Parsons1 hour, 43 minutes ago
A U.N. envoy urged Iraq’s government on Saturday to halt a slide into civil war and stop the “cancer” of sectarianism from destroying the country, warning that the carnage of this week could tear Iraq apart.
As a curfew was extended until Monday, possibly derailing a trip to Iran by Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, the U.N. envoy in Baghdad, Ashraf Qazi, said car bombs on Thursday that killed more than 200 Shi’ites and “blind acts of revenge” were “tearing apart the very political and social fabric of Iraq.”

The sheer gall of these people. The time to keep Iraq from sliding into civil war was five years ago when we needed your help to do the right thing and liberate those people from a maniac, AND provide security and stability to the region. So it looks like these f*ckers are just going to have to kill the sh*t out of each other until one side or the other wins. We should stand aside and let them have at it until they wear each other out then be prepared to smack down the winner. Ah… diplomacy! Now the reason for the Megadeath cover (other than they ROCK!) is that most of us who Blog are old enough to remember ALBUMS. Remember a time when the cover art was almost if not more important that the music itself? Starting with cassette tapes and CD’s we began to loose something artistically. The three factors of a great work of music included: the Cover Art, the Lyrics and the Music itself. How many of us bought at least one album because of the cover art? LIARS! Hands up if your over 25. But album covers were not always just about selling the music, sometimes they were poignant social commentary. (Often left wing I admit). Musicians, artists & songwriters combined to put out a great, often legendary work of art in the album. So it is in this vein that I post the Megadeath cover. If this doesn’t hit the nail on the head in reference to Iraq, nothing does. PEACE SELLS, BUT WHO’S BUYING? I don’t know, Dave Mustain for Secretary of State?

Stay Safe. Captainden



  1. Anonymous says:

    I have that song burned onto a cd I listen to every now and then. Every time I listen to it I think of our present circumstances.

    The album art is awesome and you are spot on.

    (I met Mustaine a couple of times…I’m sure he is a much nicer guy without the drugs these days…he was a bit of a prick..although, a very intelligent prick with a hellava lot to say.)

    Have fun on the treadmill.

  2. Wyatt Earp says:

    Go figure the metalhead would like it! Sorry, RT.

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